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Automatic Palletizer Machines & Equipment

The World Leader in Concurret Stretch Wrapping
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The World's Smallest Footprint

TopTier, a Robopac company and palletizer machine and equipment manufacturer, offers a full line of automatic palletizers for sale. This configurable machinery can palletize essentially any product in the food and beverage, personal care, pet food, pharmaceutical, dairy, automotive, and manufacturing industries.

Our automatic palletizer machines offer concurrent stretch wrapping and “positive product handling,” which confirms proper load construction prior to layer deposit. We lead the industry in safety standards with all our palletizing equipment built to a minimum of Category 3.

Additionally, if you need maintenance and repair, Robopac USA offers full support through our parts and service department. We can also advise you on potential upgrades to improve your machine’s efficiency and possibly extend its life. View our TopTier palletizer machines for sale to determine the best option for your facility.


Our Pick N Place machines feature the smallest automated palletizer footprint.


TopTier Low In-feed Palletizer
The benefits of Low-Feed Conventional include a small footprint and configurable features. Our concurrent stretch wrapping palletizer machines work with existing floor-level conveyors.


High infeed conventional palletizer
Our high-speed conventional palletizing equipment offers the highest speeds.


Robotic cell palletizer
Robotic palletizer cells offer wide layout flexibility and are engineered from experience.

Modular Design

Modular engineering means quality control and complete layout flexibility, with no customization required. Commonality of component systems allow cost savings for end users, rapid delivery and proven performance with future flexibility when required.

Concurrent Wrapping

Concurrent stretch wrapping is optimized for palletizing and wrapping loads as the load is built. With concurrent wrapping, the automatic palletizer machine stabilizes the load during the palletizing process. Proprietary automatic film brake recovery, automatic film start, and higher pre-stretch levels are predicated on advanced film management technology developed by TopTier, a Robopac company.

Advanced Safety Protection

Safety systems are the most advanced in the industry, with the highest possible safety rating. Controlled entrance safety design encloses all palletizing equipment hazards inside an integral safety enclosure.

All Electric

The benefits of optional all-electric operation in performance, maintenance, and energy efficiency are a major advance in palletizing technology. Overall, pneumatic devices require a high level of maintenance and performance is often marginal. In addition, devices driven by compressed air compromise energy efficiency.

EasyStack® Software

End users can easily create new patterns using the HMI touch screen. Intuitive screens perform all machine set-up and product changeover functions. HMI screens are designed for simple yet comprehensive access to all palletizer machine functions, including automatic and manual operations, pattern selection and programming, back-up, recovery operations, safety status, and maintenance logs.

Customer Care

Our automatic palletizing system experts assist with every step of the process and stand by 24/7 to resolve any questions.