Stretch Wrapping Machine Features

The most successful secondary packaging solutions are as unique as your business and the products you offer. By picking and choosing your stretch wrapping machine features, you can design and implement a workflow that perfectly suits the specific needs of your warehouse. Whether you want to factor in vehicle routes or preserve floor space in your facility, the right equipment features create a seamless packaging line for greater efficiency, consistency, and productivity.

Robopac USA offers a wide range of useful features for robotic palletizers and stretch wrapping machines. Read on to explore some of our top innovative solutions and see how Robopac USA’s equipment can elevate your warehouse operations.

Pluripac and Pluripac M

Robopac USA stretch wrapping machines come with the option of the Pluripac or Pluripac M devices.

These stretch film wrapping machine features provide a six-sided wrap for complete closure around the product. Use foam, bubble wrap, or polyethylene reels for a secure wrap. Easy reel changes and an automatic or manual welding bar support smooth operation so products can move seamlessly from the Pluripac to the stretch wrap machine.

Choose the Pluripac feature for your automatic stretch wrapper or the Pluripac M for our Compacta manual horizontal wrapping machines.

Improve convenience and efficiency for your turntable wrapping machines with the ramp feature. The stretch wrapper ramp allows for easier loading and unloading using pallet jacks. The ramp feature allows operators to move product loads with less hassle, speeding up your workflow and creating a more productive packaging line.

Roping Devices

You can also enhance your stretch wrapper with a roping device. Roping helps lock the load to the bottom of the pallet while improving breathability and reducing condensation on the products. The result is a more secure pallet load and fresher, higher-quality products for your customers.

Create a secondary packaging solution that meets the specific needs of your facility when you turn to the experts at Robopac USA. Explore our features for stretch wrapping machines and palletizing machines when you contact our team today.