Semi Automatic stretch wrappers

Stretch Wrapper Ramp

Robopac provides multiple ramp options that allow your operators to safely use pallet jacks to load pallet loads easily onto the stretch wrapper turntable for wrapping. Our heavy duty ramps can be quickly installed and take up minimal floor space.

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Machine and ramp

Ramp for 65″ turntable

Heavy duty 10,000 pound capacity ramp measures 55.5″ L x 48″ W x 2.9″ H and its 16.5″ porch allow easy loading of pallets using standard pallet jacks. The length from the end of the turntable to the end of the ramp is 61.5″ L. Ramp can be secured to 65″ machine base in 3 positions and will not shift during use. The skid-free ramp surface provides high traction. This option is compatible with the Scale package option for Ecoplat, Masterplat and Rotoplat. If you are loading with a dual walkie or a powered walkie you will need to add the 24″ ramp extension option.

Ramp for 65 inch turntable
24 inch ramp extension

24″ ramp extension for 65″ turntable

Extends platform at the top of ramp to allow loading with powered walkies or dual walkies. This option must be selected when loading with powered walkies or dual walkies.

Ramp Assembly

Easy to assemble ramp takes up minimal floor space.