Semi Automatic stretch wrappers

Stretch Wrapper Roping Device

Our automatic variable roping (VRD) and pneumatic roping devices convert a 20″ roll of film to a full rope or a variable width band to provide better load protection and locks the load to the pallet. Roping also allows loads to breath and reduces condensation.

The roping device is attached to the roll carriage and ropes the entire web of film from the top down. Roping from the top allows you to apply a high tension strength rope of film to the pallet wherever it is needed to improve load integrity. The pneumatic roping device version can be turned on or off at up to nine different preset locations on each load.

Full web film roping is the best way to lock the load to the pallet!

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Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers

Robot S6 – demonstrating roper via animation

Robot S6 – Egg Cartons

Robot S6 – full 4″ band pattern to allows the products to fully breath and not to get damaged or spoiled due to condensation

Rotoplat 508 turntable stretch wrapper

Rotoplat 708 turntable stretch wrapper – gaylord bins for the meat and poultry processing industries

Rotoplat 708 turntable stretch wrapper – 5 gallon pales

Rotoplat 708 turntable stretch wrapper – double stacked kegs

Rotoplat 708 turntable stretch wrapper – firewood

Rototech 708 rotary arm stretch wrapper – 5 gallon buckets

Automatic Stretch Wrappers

Automatic Stretch Wrappers

Roping from the BottomRoping from the TopRoping with Double Movement
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