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The Problem

Damage problem
It takes approximately $10 of stretch film to safely ship a truckload of pallets. Nearly 1/2 percent of total shipments are damaged during transit resulting in billions of dollars in losses annually.
How can you prevent expensive product loss throughout your supply chain? The key is innovative packaging solutions and optimized wrapping standards. By utilizing Robopac USA’s TECHLAB, will help you improve your packaging process and better protect your products.


Our TECHLAB is where we provide a “hands on” experience of our technologies like CUBE Technology and R-connect in addition to our performance guarantee to save.
  • Scientific approach to setting pallet wrapping standards
  • Real world transportation condition simulations
  • Stretch film usage validation
  • Minimization of product damage through testing
  • Improvement of load containment
  • Reduction of stretch film consumption
Speak with a Regional Sales Manager today to learn more about Robopac USA TECHLAB to schedule testing to reduce film costs and product damage.
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