Secondary Packaging Solutions for the Dairy Industry

At Robopac USA, we pride ourselves on constant innovation. As part of our goal toward technologically advanced end-of-line systems, we develop efficient secondary packaging solutions for the dairy industry. Dairy producers and distributors tackle unique challenges every day, and we specially design our equipment to address those challenges. We serve our clients with quality equipment they can depend on.

Secondary Packaging Machines for the Dairy Industry

In the dairy industry, it’s important to consider sensitive product factors, such as hygiene and safety. Our talented team of developers and engineers use state-of-the-art technology and design to produce equipment that can meet these specific needs. Our palletizers, shrink wrappers, wrap-around case packers, and shrink bundlers are capable of handling many types of packaging, including PET containers, gable-top cartons, and aseptic bricks.

Another innovation that you’ll find at Robopac USA is our laser-guided vehicles. We designed this robust equipment to improve transport within your facility. Our LGV equipment includes stabilizers, conveyors, powered stackers, and more. These machines contribute to better warehouse and factory efficiency, so you can save time and increase production.

Robopac USA Service and Repair Division

At Robopac USA, we offer support throughout your equipment’s life. We have a fully functional service and repair division where you can find 24/7 technical support and guidance. Our team can also travel directly to the equipment site to install, troubleshoot, maintain, or repair your dairy secondary packaging equipment. If you need to upgrade or retrofit your equipment with new functions or features, we can assist here too, and we offer immediate availability on all parts. We also exercise a commitment to technician education with our Service Training Academy.

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Get in touch with us if you have any questions about our equipment or services. We provide the best secondary packaging solutions for the dairy industry, and we never stop innovating. Contact us now.