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Robopac USA’s Cube™ Technology

Cube Technology

The Goal of CUBE™ Technology:

With this technology, we provide manufacturers with a reliable, secure packaging system. Our goal is to create low-cost, flexible solutions that reduce the customer’s bottom line. In every product we develop, we strive to create the highest-quality outcome. Our Cube™ Technology delivers on that promise.

Cube Technology

The Benefit of CUBE™ Technology:

Once optimal wrapping parameters are configured, you can lock them in with our new icon-driven touchscreen control panel. Save up to six (6) completely unique load configurations with wrapping parameters. This method maximizes operators’ time by allowing them to recall the various configurations quickly.

Multi-Level Variable Pre-Stretch ensures the highest containment force and best film economy for EVERY load with ANY stretch film because you can adjust the pre-stretch up to nine times on each load. With Multi-Level Variable Pre-Stretch, Robopac USA’s CUBE™ Technology delivers 30 to 55% film savings over any competitor’s stretch wrapping system.

Multi-Level Variable Containment Force delivers an optimal containment force at each level of the load by allowing you to adjust containment force nine times on each load.

Strategic Film Placement allows you to place film exactly where it has the most impact on load stability and containment. Thousands of hours of testing in our labs have shown that placing film in the correct position, with optimal containment force, is the key to being able to ship any product with less damage.

Pro-Active Corner Compensation combines the latest in motor and load cell technologies to enable you to wrap any load securely without corner damage and without repetitive film breaks.

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