Automatic Corner Board Applicator

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Manually applying corner boards wastes labor and materials.

Costly manual labor

Applying corner boards

Costly pre-applied adhesive strips

corner board adhesive

Expensive corrugated top caps

corrugated top

Large wholesale club stores, grocers, and many others are increasingly demanding corner boards on their pallets.

Corner boards for pallet loads protect corners on loads reducing primary packaging and product damage. They also provide stacking strength which allows pallets to be stacked on top of each other.

So what’s the problem? When companies get asked to do corner boards, they typically do so with costly materials and manual labor.

Automation is the answer. An automatic corner board applicator can be integrated into a new or existing Robopac Helix or Genesis series automatic stretch wrapper. Improve convenience, efficiency, and product safety when you implement an automatic corner board applicator from Robopac USA.

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