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Woodworking Industry – Stretch Wrappers

If you manufacture wood products, specialty packaging is key for safe distribution. At Robopac USA, we understand how important it is to deliver woodworking items intact—our innovative team goes above and beyond to develop effective packaging solutions for wood and metal products. With our equipment and machinery, you can trust that your shipments will arrive in the same condition they left your facility.

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Total six sided wrap closing of the product provides product shock protection. Bubble wrap, foam or polyethylene reels cold packaging device. Compatible with Orbit and Spiror automatic horizontal wrapping machines. Manual solution available for Compacta Series semi-automatic horizontal wrapping machines.

Low energy consumption. Easy to use.

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The Pluripac M is a bubble wrap, foam or polyethylene reels cold packaging device that is compatible with new or already installed Compacta manual horizontal stretch wrapping machines.

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The Rotoplat 508 DW and DW/C are turntable stretch wrapping machines made to properly contain doors, windows, and other finished and semi-finished products in this industry.

Available with manual product lock system (DW) or idle rollers conveyor (DW/C).

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Rotoplat 508 with Top Platen and Bubble Wrap/Pluribal Carriage

Orbit 6 – Cabinet pieces

Orbit 16 – Cabinets and doors

Orbit R series

Doors / Panels

Orbit 16 + Pluripac (Wrapping Doors)

Rotoplat 508 DW (Door Window Wrapper) + Pluripac Carriage

Sotemapack Totalpack 80 case packer – Doors and Panels

Sotemapack Totalpack 130 case packer – doors and panels


Compacta 12 – Windows

Compacta 6 with Manual Pluripac/Bubble Wrap

Orbit 16 – Door Processing – with tilting infeed + outfeed tables


Orbit 6 – Wood flooring

Sotemapack TotalPack 50 case packer – flooring


Robot S6 portable stretch wrapper wrapping long wood and aluminum on a pallet

Horizontal Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapper Machines

Fully Automatic Solutions for Woodworking Industry