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Robotic Palletizing Cells

Robotic palletizer cells offer wide layout flexibility and are engineered from experience.

Modular robotic palletizing cells meet the requirements of small single product lines to large multi-line CPG manufacturers. Semi-automatic robotic palletizing systems build loads handled with a pallet jack or forklift. Fully automatic systems are available with pallet and load handling, sheet placement, integrated stretch wrapping, and more. With over 20 years of experience with robotic palletizers, each cell is engineered to maximize efficiency and value and minimize the footprint. Cells offer wide layout flexibility and no robot programming. The robotic cell palletizers combine the most recent advances in machine control technology with an intuitive interface HMI and EasyStack® pattern programming software.

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Robotic cell
Robotic cell layout 1

Semi-Automatic > 1-in 1 out

Robotic cell layout 2

Fully-Automatic > 1-in 1-out > Stretch Wrap

Robotic cell layout 3

Fully-Automatic > 2-in 2-out > Stretch Wrap


  • Operation: Semi and fully automatic

  • Configuration: Single and multiple lanes

  • Rates: To 3 layers per minute

  • Products: Case, bag, bundle, display tray, and more

  • Safety Rating: Cat 3

  • End Effectors: Side clamp, bottom support, vacuum lift, and more

  • Infeed Height: 23″ to 60″

  • Minimum Case Dimension: 6″

  • Maximum Case Dimension: 29″

  • Maximum Case Weight: 220lbs


  • Pallet Handling

  • Stretch Wrapping

  • Load Handling

  • Sheet Station

  • Higher Speed Package

  • Fence Free Safety Guard

  • Custom Pallet Sizes

  • Labels-out

  • Pallet Labeling

  • Freezer Environment

  • Panel Cooling

  • Tall Load / Double Stack Loads

  • Fallen Case Detection

  • Video Monitoring

  • On site Assembly, Commissioning, Training

  • Preventative Maintenance


  • HMI: AB Panelview 5310 10” Color Touchscreen

  • Robot: Fanuc

  • Stretch Wrapper: Robopac Automatic

  • Conveyor: TopTier MDR and Pallet Conveyors

  • Controls: Touch-Safe UL-Listed panel

  • Safety Technology: Troax