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TopTier Robot Pick N Place Palletizer

This robotic palletizer system features the smallest automated palletizer footprint! Enjoy case flexibility, ease-of-use, and Category 3 PLd in one compact machine.

NEW Ready-to-Work Robotic Palletizer

Robotic palletizing has become an increasingly acceptable alternative to traditional layer palletizing, but the solution is not without challenges. Typical generic robot palletizers experience limits on products that can be handled, performance issues with deviations in product uniformity, special training to handle complexities of robot programming, large footprint, custom integration, and the expense of support. All these shortcomings are eliminated with this TopTier palletizer.

  • Best value: palletize any production line
  • Easy to use and ready to run
  • Highest safety rating

TopTier’s low infeed Robot Pick and Place palletizer provides unmatched capabilities for low to moderate rate applications at a price point allowing any production line to be automated. This automated palletizer has the smallest footprint of any full-featured palletizing solution.

  • Smallest footprint available for full-featured automatic palletizing
  • Patented Sweep Turn infeed builds precise rows at rates higher than competitive solutions
  • Full bottom support robotic handling eliminates vacuum lifting
  • 6″x6″ to 24″x16″ products handled automatically
  • Allen Bradley controls with servo-controlled pick and place motion
  • 9″ PanelView HMI with intuitive graphics interface to manage patterns and tune machine functions
  • Category 3 PLd safety standard with controlled entrance preventing hazard exposure
  • Configurable to fit in any space with three load exit or entrance sides

TopTier’s Robot Pick and Place palletizer is a fully integrated purpose-built palletizing solution, as opposed to an assembly of a robot, guarding, end of arm tooling with separate controls. Each frame element is an integral part of a Category 3 PLd controlled entrance safety enclosure. 100% bottom supporting row build, and each robotic palletizer system is integrated into the frame structure, including Allen Bradley controls. Safety is not an accessory. The integrated safety system with controlled entrance protocols prevent hazards until the safety system affirms safe conditions exist.


A limitation of nearly all robot pick-to-pallet solutions is that products being palletized must be suitable for vacuum top picking with rate potential limited due to single case pick-to-pallet cycles. TopTier’s new Robot Pick and Place has overcome such limitations, combining patented row building technology with an Allen Bradley servo-controlled row pick-and-place solution where product is 100% bottom supported until deposited on load. The resulting solution achieves higher rates, can handle nearly any product and is delivered 100% assembled, ready for work in the smallest and most configurable footprint available.

Each pick-and-place robotic cycle handles a full row precisely and independently assembles loads in parallel to pick-and-place cycles, using lower mechanism speeds with greater reliability. This results in higher rates while building superior loads. Regardless of the product footprint, the row bottom support floor automatically adjusts to product size using patent pending technology. At deposit, the support floor is pulled out from under the row placing the row exactly as required for a tight layer and load.

“The Robot Pick and Place is truly plug and play. Position with a forklift and it’s ready for work.”
~David Snelson, Director of Sales

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Rates10-12 cases per minute
ProductsNearly any product can be palletized, including open top display cases, telescoping lid cases, and trays - film wrapped or not.
Load Capacity
Infeed Height23" to 60"
Minimum Case DimensionMinimum Case Dimension
Maximum Case Dimension29"
Maximum Case Height18"
Standard Layer Weight300lbs
Minimum Layer Dimension38"
Maximum Layer Dimension50"
Standard Load Height60" or 72"
Machine Structure
FootprintOnly 89” wide by 129” long
Film Delivery System
Film Delivery SystemNot available. Available as option on Low Infeed and High Infeed palletizers.
Operator Interface
PLCAllen Bradley controls with servo controlled pick and place motion
HMI9” PanelView HMI with intuitive graphics interface to manage patterns and tune machine functions
Utility Requirements
Electrical480V, 20A, 3PH
Air1-25 CFM
Safety Features
Category 3 Pld StandardCategory 3 PLd safety standard with controlled entrance preventing hazard exposure
Smallest footprint available for automatic palletizing
89” wide by 129” long
Modular Design
Configurable to fit in nearly any space. Three load exit or entrance sides are available for standard manual pallet jack handling of loads.
EasyStack® Software
TopTier palletizers can build any pallet pattern, with up to 99 patterns stored and instantly accessible. End users can easily create new patterns using the HMI touch screen common to both conventional and robotic models.
Allen Bradley controls with servo-controlled pick and place motion
9” PanelView HMI
Features an intuitive graphics interface to add patterns, modify patterns and tune machine functions
All Electric
Heavy Loads
Layer Weight to 1000lbs
Load Handling
Load Labeling
Multiple Palletizer Shuttle Car
Pallet Handling
Perfect Pattern System
Sheets & Liners
Tall Loads to 110"
Video Monitoring
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