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Pluripac M Bubble Wrapper


When it comes to packaging, protecting your products is your number one priority. The Pluripac M bubble wrapper from Robopac USA creates complete closure around the product to ensure total product protection. With an efficient, thorough wrapping process, you can rest easy knowing your products are ready to move safely through the rest of your supply chain.

The Pluripac M is a bubble wrap, foam or polyethylene reels cold packaging device that is compatible with new or already installed Compacta manual horizontal stretch wrapping machines. This makes it easy to integrate the bubble roll machine into your existing workflow.

The Pluripac M bubble wrap machine creates a six-sided wrap that provides shock protection as the product moves through the supply chain. The ability to use foam, bubble wrap, or polyethylene reels means you can customize your machine to fit your business’s specific product protection needs. Learn more about the Pluripac M bubble wrapper when you contact the team at Robopac USA today.

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Pluripac M


Manual welding of the plastic film on the product and adjustment of the welding time. Fume extraction hood with filter.

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