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Food and Beverage Industry

Automating with end of line packaging equipment allows your food manufacturing operation to become more efficient. Automation is proven to reduce film costs and product damage while improving productivity, worker job satisfaction, and retention.

Robopac can provide any and all end of line packaging equipment for the food and beverage industry. We’ll take a complicated project and make it simple and seamless.

Case Packers

Prasmatic TC Combination Shrink Wrapper and Wrap Around Case Packer – cans

Heinze bottles packed by a TC 300 COMBI case packer

Heinze bottles packed by a TC 300 COMBI case packer

Prasmatic TCS 310W wrap around case packer and shrink wrapper with cartons

Case packer end of line packaging solution at Olitalia

High wall tray case packing

Prasmatic MSW 300 CW Shrink Wrapper wraps cans, bottles, and more

Prasmatic HSW 600 C case packer – Tuna Cans

Sotemapack WA 20 wrap around case packer – canned goods

Semi-automatic Stretch Wrappers

Robot S6 wrapping mixed load and food distribution center

Multiple Robot S6’s wrapping on the dock at food DC

Rotoplat 708 semi automatic stretch wrapper with roping device – Gaylord Bins

Beverage Equipment

Case Packers

DIMAC Starwrap 4.0 Wrap Around Case Packer wrapping glass bottles

DIMAC Star One T Automatic Shrink Wrapper

Excellent water bottle packing solution! Prasmatic TC 400 Combination case packer

DIMAC Gold Star shrink wrapper PET bottles 4×2 film only

Automatic Stretch Wrappers

Genesis Cube – KHS Cobega Spain – Coca Cola

Genesis Cube- Mahou Brewery Spain


Palletizing trayless water on a TopTier palletizer

TopTier palletizer beer can application