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Concurrent Stretch Wrapping Machines


TopTier, a Robopac company, is the global leader in concurrent stretch wrapping technology. Concurrent stretch wrapping is an optional feature on our palletizers. It allows you to stretch wrap each layer of the pallet load while it is being built. And since the concurrent stretch wrapper is built into the palletizer, it saves floor space and lowers overall end-of-line investment costs. New patented features save film and insure continuous palletizing operations.

Robopac USA’s concurrent stretch wrapping machines help streamline your secondary packaging line for a smoother, more efficient workflow. Consolidate the palletizing and wrapping stages to improve pallet building times and securely wrap your products as you go.

Our TopTier palletizers feature an expert design that prioritizes safety, productivity, and an efficient use of floor space. The concurrent stretch wrapping option for our palletizers is a cutting-edge feature that improves pallet stability while minimizing material waste. The result is a faster workflow and a more cost-effective operation that will improve your bottom line and increase customer satisfaction. Explore our options for concurrent palletizing equipment and stretch wrapping machines when you visit Robopac USA today.


  • Fully automatic operations including film grip, cut, and wipe down
  • Automatic recovery from film break
  • Automatic film start
  • Easy load film head with 200% pre-stretch
  • Fully enclosed Category 3 safety cage
  • Palletizing speeds are not impacted by stretch wrapping as layer build continues during wrap cycle
  • Integrated EasyStack® Software with touch screen allow adjustment of all palletizer and stretch wrapper parameters
  • Wrapping during load build is fully adjustable including number of start wraps, film overlap, number of top wraps and film tension
  • Layer head continues to receive product during wrap sequence for continual palletizing operations even when a full pallet is exiting the system
  • Easy access to film carriage and palletizer through large safety relay-protected doors
  • Stretch wrapper does not increase the footprint of palletizer other than the positioning of the film tower
  • Build loads on a pallet, on a slip sheet only, or unsupported