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Palletizers – Concurrent Stretch Wrapping


TopTier, a Robopac company, is the global leader in concurrent stretch wrapping technology. Concurrent wrapping saves floor space and lowers overall end-of-line costs. New patented features save film and insure continuous palletizing operations.


  • Fully automatic operations including film grip, cut, and wipe down
  • Automatic recovery from film break
  • Automatic film start
  • Easy load film head with 200% pre-stretch
  • Fully enclosed Category 3 safety cage
  • Palletizing speeds are not impacted by stretch wrapping as layer build continues during wrap cycle
  • Integrated EasyStack® Software with touch screen allow adjustment of all palletizer and stretch wrapper parameters
  • Wrapping during load build is fully adjustable including number of start wraps, film overlap, number of top wraps and film tension
  • Layer head continues to receive product during wrap sequence for continual palletizing operations even when a full pallet is exiting the system
  • Easy access to film carriage and palletizer through large safety relay-protected doors
  • Stretch wrapper does not increase the footprint of palletizer other than the positioning of the film tower
  • Build loads on a pallet, on a slip sheet only, or unsupported