Conversion is a crucial step in the stretch film manufacturing process is what allows companies to find the right film for their specific packaging needs. Discover all you need to know about the stretch film conversion process and why it matters for your packaging workflow with this overview.

Extrusion Comes First

To understand the conversion process, you must first learn about extrusion. Stretch film extrusion refers to the initial manufacturing process in which manufacturers melt and shape resin to create the stretch film. The extrusion process creates a master roll of stretch film. Manufacturers can then convert this master roll into different stretch film rolls of various sizes to suit different business needs.

The Conversion Process Takes Time

The biggest thing to know about the stretch film conversion process is that it takes time. Manufacturers have to unwind the master roll to convert it to specific sizes. Because master rolls can vary in size and width, this process can take anywhere from two to five business days to complete. It’s important to remember these potential lead times in case suppliers don’t already have the stretch film size you want in stock.

Conversion Creates Pre-Stretch Stretch Film

The conversion process can also create pre-stretch stretch wrap. Manufacturers achieve this by stretching the film on the master roll before converting it into smaller rolls of specific sizes. With pre-stretch film, manual wrappers or wrapping machines don’t have to work as hard to create a tight and secure wrap around the product load. Pre-stretch film also goes farther than standard stretch film, allowing you to get more film for your money without sacrificing strength, durability, or quality.

Knowing your way around the stretch film conversion process can help you choose the right stretch wrap options for your automatic stretch wrappers. With the right knowledge, you can invest in efficient, cost-effective stretch film solutions that enhance your workflow and help you move products quickly and reliably through your supply chain.