You always want to use the best materials possible for your product packaging. In addition to primary product packaging and product cases, you also need high-quality stretch film to wrap around product loads and create secure, stable pallets. There are many factors to consider when you’re choosing the right stretch wrap, but one commonly overlooked feature is its expiration date. Does stretch film have an expiration date? What happens when stretch film expires? Learn more about these and other questions with our comprehensive guide on the shelf life of stretch wrap.

The Short Answer: Yes

Stretch film does have an expiration date. It won’t rot like food items, but it does lose quality and will no longer perform as well once it expires.

Discoloration is one of the most obvious signs your stretch film has reached its expiration date. Over time, trapped air escapes the tube of film and causes yellowing. Expired stretch film also won’t stretch or seal as well as it’s supposed to.

When Does Stretch Film Expire?

Generally speaking, stretch wrap is good for at least a year after you purchase it. However, that shelf life will vary depending on the manufacturer, where you store your film, and other factors. For example, temperature fluctuations can create issues with your film and cause it to expire sooner. Keeping your film in a dry, temperature-controlled environment will minimize these issues and extend the shelf life of your stretch wrap.

How Temperature Affects Film

Extremely hot and extremely cold temperatures can cause problems for your stretch film. High temperatures can shrink your film and cause it to melt or stick onto nearby materials. Extreme cold, on the other hand, can cause the film to crack. Take care when storing your stretch film during the summer or winter. Avoid storing film rolls near doors and windows that let hot or cold air in. Additionally, keep your stretch film in a dry area away from direct sunlight.

Using your stretch film efficiently will also help you prevent expired or wasted film rolls. Make sure you pair your stretch wrap with high-performance secondary packaging equipment from Robopac USA. Explore our range of rotary stretch wrappers and other stretch wrap options when you visit us today.