Many customers open their products without thinking about the packaging that delivered each item safely to the store. However, businesses must carefully think through their packaging systems to ensure that the packaging process is as easy, efficient, and as beneficial as possible. Make an informed decision about your packaging line with this guide to understanding the different types of case packers.

Wrap-Around Case Packers

Wrap-around case packers envelope a group of products into paper or cardboard packaging. As products move along the conveyor belt, the machine wraps the protective packaging around the bundle. The result is a secure, tightly packed case that’s ready to ship. Wrap-around case packers are ideal for bottles or other plastic containers. This type of packer is particularly useful when packaging heavy bundles, such as cases of water. The security and stability that a wrap-around case packer offers keeps products much safer and easier for end-users to handle.

Shrink Wrappers

Shrink wrappers are a versatile and reliable solution to packaging your products. Shrink wrap packers bundle items with a film overlay. These case packers also come with a tray or pad option to provide added stability at the bottom of your packaging. When operating a shrink wrapper, workers place a group of products on the conveyor built. The shrink wrap machine lifts the items and applies the film and the tray or pad (if applicable). Shrink wrappers can come with many unique features, including the ability to use branded film for your packaging.

Combination Case Packers

Combination packers are an innovative solution that combines shrink wrap and wrap-around abilities to create a versatile packaging system. They are forward-thinking machines that allow you to wrap in multiple formats, including film only, pad and film, tray and film, and wrap around case packaging. State-of-the-art combination case packers allow for quick changeovers between formats. Simply press the required buttons on the control panel, and the machine will automatically make the adjustments.

You can also use combination packers to create custom packaging solutions for oddly shaped products such as bottles or cartons. Additionally, some combination packers have stacking features that let you take advantage of vertical space to place more products in a single, secure bundle.

Choosing the Right Packer for Your Product

Understanding the different types of case packers and deciding which one is best for your products enables greater manufacturing efficiency to your facility. You’ll save time and money that you can then devote to more precise parts of your business. Likewise, case packers free up your workforce so they can focus on more value-added tasks. Discover how the right system can revolutionize your packaging line when you explore the various case packers for sale at Robopac USA.