Closet Works is a leading custom closet organization based in Chicago, IL that ships across the country. They have been setting the standard for excellence in premium custom-made closets and personal spaces for 30 plus years. Like most successful organizations, they are continuously looking for ways to improve their processes.


Over the past year, a perfect storm of increased freight volumes and lack of equipment and personnel resources has resulted in many organizations experiencing a sharp increase in freight related product damage. Closet Works was not immune from this issue.


In July 2021, they went to the AWFS trade show in Las Vegas looking for a bullet proof packaging solution and discovered Robopac’s full line of automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrappers. Nick Szczechowski, Robopac’s regional sales manager, worked quickly to understand their operation. They wanted to provide extra protection by roping their products to the skid. Because many of their skids were 4’ by 8’, they quickly settled on the Robot S7 portable stretch wrapper to wrap their larger pallet loads.


As promised, Robopac shipped the stretch wrapper quickly. “Robopac was great”, said Tom Happ, President of Closet Works. “Nick came to our facility multiple times. He helped us make adjustments to our program to make sure we were wrapping right.”


The investment has quickly paid dividends. “The Robot S7 dramatically reduced our damage. We were pretty much having damaged skids once per week. It’s now one or less per month.”


Closet Works plans to expand to multiple facilities in the near future. To continue their packaging recipe for success, they plan to order more Robopac Robot S7 portable stretch wrappers for their new facilities.