The Automatic Stretch Wrapper Buying Guide

Automatic stretch wrapping machines deliver productivity that’s essential in high-volume settings. You’ll find them in diverse industries. Examples include the food & beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, pet food and automotive industries.

You want pallet stretch wrapping that’s the pride and joy of your production process. Machinery that’s slow or unreliable creates a bottleneck that increases costs. Those losses multiply over time.

Advanced pallet wrapping designs deliver:

  • Variable pre-stretching ratios that deliver the best film economy
  • Pre-stretching from the very beginning of the cycle
  • Precise, variable containment force to keep corners intact
  • User-friendly HMI for accurate, efficient production
  • Simplified lubrication and parts replacement

With the right machine, you’ll get reliable, repeatable results that enhance customer satisfaction.

Automatic Stretch Wrapper Recommendations

The right automatic stretch wrapping machine drives savings through efficiency and reliability. Downtime and waste are minimized. Safety and ease-of-use are priorities. Rapid throughput reduces costs day in and day out. As with all production machinery, the overall cost of ownership is a key consideration.

Genesis Thunder

The Genesis Thunder is an ergonomic, hygienic, noiseless machine. It comes with a durable, high-resistance monoblock aluminum ring and an automatic, dynamic parachute. The direct drive pre-stretch motors are servo-controlled.

The Genesis Thunder is expertly engineered to reduce costly downtime. The Genesis Thunder delivers true flexibility across all pallet sizes. Enjoy operational efficiency aided by an updated HMI.

Genesis Futura

The Genesis Futura is also an ergonomic, hygienic, noiseless machine. It also comes with a durable, high-resistance monoblock aluminum ring and an automatic, dynamic parachute. The direct drive pre-stretch motors are servo-controlled.

The Genesis Futura comes with an onboard, battery-powered motor. This allows for pre-stretching from the beginning of the wrapping cycle. For variable pre-stretch ratios up to 300 percent, choose the optional kit. Select up to 12 containment force values per load.

The Genesis Futura is expertly engineered to reduce costly downtime.

Genesis Cube

The Genesis Cube features next-generation automated stretch wrapping technology. It extends the tradition of the popular Sistemi rotating ring wrappers.

Enjoy the benefits of the patented Brushless Power Variable Stretch (BPSV) mechanism. BPSV externalizes the motorization of the pre-stretch carriage. This reduces material consumption, energy use and maintenance downtime. Enjoy the flexibility of widely variable pre-stretch values ranging from zero to 400 percent.

With the Genesis Cube, your operation gains impressive ROI and reduced payback times. The advanced machine delivers production rates of as high as 135 pallets/hr.

Helix 1 Evo

The Helix 1 Evo is a next-generation rotating arm stretch wrapper. Innovative design features combine to cut costs and enhance productivity. Bearings are lubricated for life. A single lubrication point situated outside the safety fences for easy access. Timing belts replace chains. It’s possible to replace wearing parts with minimal downtime.

The Helix 1 Evo comes with pre-stretch ratios of 161, 208 and 269 percent. Enjoy the flexibility that comes with being able to wrap half and quarter pallets as well.

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