Stretch Wrappers

If you run a packaging operation, you need equipment that is consistent, reliable, and efficient. At Robopac USA, you’ll find innovative stretch wrappers that check all three boxes. When it comes to secondary packaging solutions, we’ve raised the bar to provide our customers with the best machines on the market.

Robopac USA’s Stretch Wrap Equipment

Every application requires different speeds and machine configurations, so we offer several options to suit your unique needs. Whether you select semi-automatic or automatic, our stretch wrap machines create a secure seal to protect goods throughout the entire distribution process.

Our selection includes automatic and semi-automatic machines with the following vertical and horizontal configurations: 

Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers

A semi-automatic machine is an affordable option for low-volume applications. Our selection includes turntables, rotary arm, and horizontal rotating ring stretch wrappers. We also offer our innovative Robot S7, which delivers a portable solution for your packaging facility. These machines require an operator, which is why they’re an economical choice for smaller operations.

Automatic Stretch Wrappers

If you want fast and efficient equipment for large-scale packaging needs, Robopac USA’s automatic stretch wrappers are the right investment. These fully automated machines don’t require manual operators, and they provide smooth, consistent performance throughout their lifespans. We offer turntable, rotary arm, and rotating ring machines.

Stretch Wrapping Applications

We’ve worked with several industries, including food and beverage, plastic, paper goods, personal care products, metal, and woodworking. This diversity has given us the experience to design and develop the most innovative solutions for every single product. No matter what you specialize in, we have a stretch wrapping solution to do the job.

Browse our stretch wrap equipment to determine which system will work best for your application. In addition to high-quality packaging solutions, we also offer parts, upgrades, maintenance, and repair services, so you can keep your operation running smoothly. If you have any questions about any of our stretch wrappers, contact us for more information.