Stretch wrap machines are valuable end of line packaging machinery that improve efficiency while reducing film and labor costs on manufacturing floors. When working with any secondary packaging machinery, this equipment requires you to take extra precautions when operating them. Follow these key safety tips for using a semi-automatic or automatic stretch wrap machine, so everyone stays safe and no accidents occur in the workplace.


One of the most important things to keep in mind when you invest in a stretch wrap machine is transporting it. You should only transport stretch wrap machines using forklift extensions that can withstand the equipment’s weight. In rare cases, the machines could drop and unintentionally injure someone is close proximity to the machine. You should never push, slide, or drag a stretch wrap machine across the floor. This could result in damaging the equipment or harming yourself in the process.


It’s vital to install stretch wrap machines correctly. One of the best things about working with Robopac USA is that our team will help you install whatever stretch wrap machine you use. The certified service technicians at Robopac USA can have most semi-automatic stretch wrap machines up and running in 30 minutes. For automatic stretch wrappers, installation in most cases takes a few days to around a week. The team follows specific stretch wrap machine safety guidelines during the installation process so that everything goes according to plan. The professionals at Robopac USA understand that these machines must be installed on a flat surface. Also, the room where the machine is installed should remain between 32-104 degrees Fahrenheit, and it should be free of dust and debris as much as possible.

Safety While Operating

Once the machine has been safely transported and installed, you can begin to use it. However, you should keep several shrink wrap machine safety precautions in mind when operating a stretch wrap machine. For semi-automatic stretch wrappers, the person working the stretch wrap machine should never walk between the machine mast and load during the wrap cycle. It’s important that the roll carriage have a pressure activated safety stop on the roll carriage in case an operators foot is under the roll carriage when it comes down. This will stop the roll carriage and prevent injury. A fully enclosed cut and clamp device is crucial to prevent injury. An anti fall device on the roll carriage prevent sudden drops of the roll carriage that could cause injuries to operators. Bumpers on portable stretch wrappers protect operators and anyone around the wrapper by immediately stopping the stretch wrapper if anyone or anything is in its operating path.

For automatic stretch wrappers, it’s vital that access areas are either fully enclosed with safety fencing or access is restricted by a high speed rollup door (see RT Automatic).  What most packaging equipment manufacturers in the US don’t provide as standard is Category 3 safety PLc. To ensure you keep your machine operators safe, Robopac includes Category 3 safety PLc on all automatic stretch wrappers free. In most cases, this is a $15k value. This includes a combination of guarding fences and Muting Light Curtains (MLC) which are at the openings of the infeed and exit conveyors. MLC’s stop the machine when anything breaks the light beam. The RT Automatic stretch wrapper includes Category 3 safety PLd, which is one level higher than PLc. PLd includes additional redundancy features to ensure safety.

And finally, it’s important to keep the machine clean and free of debris at all times to ensure the stretch wrapper operates at full capacity.

These stretch wrapping machine safety tips will keep everyone in the surrounding area safe. Stretch wrap machines are instrumental pieces of equipment within the manufacturing field. Their size and power means you must know what you’re doing before you use one. That’s why it’s a wise idea to let the professionals from Robopac USA and its preferred dealer network come in and assist you with your needs. Experts in the field know how to work these machines and what to do, so everyone remains safe.