Robopac, a global leader in innovative packaging equipment, is pleased to highlight the ongoing success of the Robot S7. With each remarkable characteristic, the Robot S7 has set industry standards for sustainability, flexibility, and advanced features.

Introduced in 2020, the Robot S7 continues to optimize packaging processes across various industries, from manufacturing to logistics and those seeking eco-conscious and versatile packaging solutions.

The Robot S7 comes standard with R-Connect, a cutting-edge remote monitoring system that offers unparalleled control over machine operations. It provides:

  • Usage and performance data via the cloud which enables you to meet industry 4.0 demands by putting performance monitoring and optimization at your fingertips.
  • A clear picture of film usage and operational expenses.
  • Operator ability to remotely fine-tune settings for the best results.

Beyond control and monitoring, R-Connect empowers operators to remotely troubleshoot any issues during operation, providing a comprehensive view of your stretch wrapping process and optimizing every aspect to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.

The Robot S7’s ongoing success is further fostered through R-Connect’s seamless integration of CUBE Technology. CUBE Technology redefines stretch wrapping by precisely controlling the film application process; it achieves remarkable reductions in film consumption. Operators can perfect the art of stretch wrapping by tailoring critical parameters specific to each load through its variable pre-stretch and containment force capabilities, ensuring your shipments are securely wrapped without overstretching or underutilizing film and stretching the film to its maximum potential.

Powered by CUBE Technology, the Robot S7 champions sustainability. This portable stretch wrapper substantially slashes film consumption by an impressive 30% to 55%, translating to cost savings and a reduction in its environmental footprint. Their synergy amplifies the benefits of CUBE Technology, providing all industries with comprehensive, sustainable, and cost-effective packaging solutions.