As a renowned provider of packaging equipment solutions on a global scale, Robopac proudly reaffirms the enduring legacy of the Rotoplat 708, a turntable stretch wrapper known for its continued delivery of excellence in load containment and efficiency. This workhorse of the packaging world has proven its worth as a trusted choice for all industries since its initial debut.

The Rotoplat 708 is a testament to Robopac’s dedication to innovation and precision within the packaging industry; this turntable stretch wrapper was designed to withstand the test of time in keeping up with the evolving demands of manufacturers, distributors, and logistics providers.

The Rotoplat 708 streamlines the packaging process with unparalleled precision and control with cutting-edge CUBE technology. Operators can maximize CUBE Technology through the Rotoplat 708’s user-friendly interface, where parameters can be adjusted, wrapping models can be changed, and progress can be monitored, ensuring consistency and reliability of wrapping loads of various shapes and sizes. Whether handling irregularly shaped items or uniform pallets, this machine provides consistent and reliable load containment, guaranteeing that products reach their destination intact.

The Rotoplat 708’s durability is a testament to its robust construction and high-quality components. From its sturdy frame to its resilient mechanical parts, this machine is engineered to withstand the daily rigors of industrial packaging operations. Such reliability and consistent performance make it an indispensable asset for industry users, resulting in a strong return on investment year after year.

For industries that demand the highest hygiene and food safety standards, Robopac offers a stainless-steel version of the Rotoplat 708. It is tailored for businesses requiring stringent hygiene standards, such as those in the meat, poultry, fish, dairy, and beverage industries. The stainless steel Rotoplat 708 not only upholds the durability and reliability expected from this machine but also ensures uncompromised sanitation and food safety in environments where it is essential.