If you’ve been in the protein, poultry, and egg industry for more than a few days, you know better than anyone the unique challenges the industry faces. This includes work environment obstacles for laborers and machine operators. Equipment and workspaces need to be washed down to remove particles that can cause performance issues. Wet or high humidity processing areas results in slick flooring. Cold and freezer requirements, while necessary to protect and prepare products, creates a challenging machine operating atmosphere. All of these critical areas to the business leads to a less than favorable ecosystem for preparing the final product for shipment.

A large percentage of the work in the industry depends on the strength of human hands. A challenging environment plus a higher rate of manual labor tasks oftentimes results in a high percent of workplace injuries. But for the end of line packaging process, automation is proving to be the preferred solution to improve efficiency while reducing product damage. Repetitive and poor ergonomic tasks like hand wrapping pallets has been replaced by stretch wrapping machines. These state-of-the-art pallet wrappers provide consistent containment force on the pallet load which reduces load shifting that leads to product damage during shipment. Best of all, stainless steel, cold and freezer package options on equipment, allow stretch wrappers, case tapers and other secondary packaging equipment to function flawlessly in even the most challenging protein industry conditions.

Robopac’s stainless steel Rotoplat semi-automatic turntable stretch wrapper is ideal for processing, wet or cold operations. This pallet wrapper is a fully stainless machine. Imitators use a stainless coating. Why is this important? Because water builds up at the base and will corrode anything ferrous.

The stainless steel construction of Robopac’s Rototape INOX case tapers was specifically designed for wash down environments and areas with high humidity.

Robopac has a wide variety of stretch wrapper and case equipment solutions that are perfectly suited for the protein industry. For more information, visit their protein end of line packaging solutions webpage.