If we lived in a perfect world, all pallets would have perfectly square boxes with no sharp corners and would easily stack on the pallet. But we don’t live in a perfect world. Variation and unpredictability are the norm. Some pallet loads are light, others are heavy, and many are unstable.

If you are wrapping less than 30 loads per hour, traditionally you would be in search of a semi-automatic turntable stretch wrapper. Most turntables weight capacity is approximately 4000 to 4500 pounds. If you’re wrapping heavy pallets, you’ll most likely need to leave the pallet fixed on the floor during the stretch wrapping process. For a better alternative, consider the Masterwrap from Robopac. This small footprint stretch wrapper wraps the load by moving the rotary arm around a stationary pallet on the floor.

For those who are wrapping light loads like paper products or small order pick loads, you will difficulty keeping the pallet from being pulled off the turntable during the wrapping process. If the wrap force is set too high, the film tension may be strong enough to pull the light pallet partially or entirely off of the turntable while wrapping. When operators turn down the wrap force to compensate for this issue, they end up creating a different problem by not having the right amount of containment force on the load which leads to primary packaging and product damage during transit. Tom Jameson with Smith Paper Product agrees. “We couldn’t use a turntable stretch wrapper because our loads were too light and shifted on the turntable during wrapping. Our operators would adjust the machine settings and essentially traded one problem for another.”

The Masterwrap HD stretch wrapper is an affordable rotary arm stretch wrapping machine that solves these issues because it was specifically designed for heavy, light, and unstable loads. Unstable products can sit on the floor while the rotating arm effortlessly wraps them. With advanced safety features like a padded safety bumper, your operators will be protected in the event they step in front of the wrap arm. The pressure sensitive bumper deactivates the machine when it comes in contact with a person or object in the wrap arms path.

If you are a logistics company or in another industry where you are wrapping heavy, light, or unstable products, the Robopac Masterwrap is a great solution to properly contain and prepare your products for shipment.