Inflation and supply chain issues are leading to higher prices and longer lead times. Many manufacturers lead times over the last year have doubled and in many cases tripled. A shortage of qualified and available labor have dramatically increased the need for the automation of processes. These issues are being felt across all areas of manufacturing and the supply chain.

Automation is leading the way by reducing the reliance on labor and improving productivity. The new LT Automatic stretch wrapper from Robopac includes high level features and is the first step into fully automatic stretch wrapping. Semi-automatic stretch wrappers require the operator to get off of the fork truck to attach the film to the load. In most cases, the operator waits until the machine completes the wrap cycle to cut the film before taking the load to a staging area for shipment.

Since the LT Automatic is a fully automatic machine, the operator does not need to oversee the stretch wrapping process. This machine includes five foot infeed and outfeed conveyors for automatic loading and unloading of multiple pallets. Once the load is placed on the infeed conveyor, the photo eye senses the load and moves it into the wrap zone to begin the stretch wrapping process. This increase in productivity combined with a 30-35 loads per hour capacity has made a major impact.

“We needed to find a way to keep up with production needs while having less labor to consistently rely on,” says Emmitt Tracy, warehouse manager for FB Logistics. “The LT has allowed us to replace three of our current semi-auto stretch wrappers and the labor to operate them with a unit that does the work for us.”

Best of all, Robopac is committed to quick delivery times which is unheard of in the current environment. New LTs are being produced to build an inventory for immediate shipment. Future orders are expected to have a lead time of only 8 weeks.

The LT Automatic has a compact footprint compared to competitive machines on the market. Installation is easy and in a majority of cases can be completed in less than one day. Safety fencing is included, and a light curtain is a strongly recommended option.

The LT Automatic was designed with the machine operator in mind. The fully integrated control panel has several advantages for operators. The narrow design of the integrated control panel takes up less floor space and is side mounted, so the operator is looking directly at the machine with an unobstructed view while also facing the touch screen.

If you are looking for a proven way to meet your productivity objectives that has a quick lead time and overcomes labor challenges, contact Robopac USA at