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Laser-Guided Vehicle Systems (LGV)

Our laser-guided vehicles integrate perfectly with any palletizing end-of-line system, thanks to a wide range of highly modular and flexible solutions. Our automated guided vehicle system is equipped with advanced LGV technology that provides greater precision and automation for manufacturing operations. With our automated guided vehicle system in your warehouse, you can improve production speeds and efficiency and reach output goals with more consistency.

To meet these high-stake demands, we developed our enhanced movement management application: AGV Manager. We also created various battery change solutions, so you experience minimal downtime in your facility.

Robopac USA’s warehouse laser-guided vehicles are free to move at high speed. You don’t need to anchor LGVs to structures embedded in the floor, so you can easily make any change to vehicle routes by simply modifying the software.

Explore our diverse line of laser-guided AGV systems. We have several options to suit your specific factory applications.

LGV’s help you automate a warehouse with high intensity and density rotation

OCME Laser Guided Vehicle (LGV) Solutions

End of line compatible automatic stretch wrapping and LGV/AGV solutions


High performance concentrated in a small solution.


Although smaller, our counterbalanced LGV can handle heavy loads.


Discover our premium quality LGV designed to increase your business performance.


Our conveyor LGV move from a production line to another, with total safety.


Reach your goals with safety and accuracy.