Secondary packaging comprises any packaging outside of primary packaging. The packaging a customer sees on the shelf of a store is primary packaging. Any packaging that keeps a product unitized and safe during transportation is secondary packaging. Discover the importance of secondary packaging by reading ahead.

It Keeps Products Safe

Secondary packaging can include:

  • Case packers: These pack all the products into the desired format.
  • Case erectors: These erect cases for products.
  • Case sealers: These seal cases for quick finalizing.
  • Palletizers: These automatically stack boxes onto pallets to reduce labor costs and reduce shifting during the transportation process.
  • Stretch wrappers: These place film on the pallet load to prepare it for safe and secure shipment.

These products work together to ensure your company’s products stay safe during rough transportation processes. Using these methods ensures that you reduce or eliminate the number of products damaged during transportation.

It Unitizes Loads

Loading trucks with each individual product takes a significant amount of time and puts your products at risk. Instead, you can unitize your product loads to keep them safer. Unitizing loads is a way to increase efficiency while keeping your products stable.

For example, a case packer takes the finished products in their primary packaging and packs them into the format of your choice. You could use only film, pad and film, tray and film, and even wrap-around specialty packs. Secondary packaging is truly crucial to making sure your products arrive at their destination safely.

Secondary packaging is extremely important and versatile. People can use it for shelf-ready product presentations and packaging. Secondary packaging isn’t just a transportation and efficiency tool, it’s also a part of the presentation of the products as a whole.

The importance of secondary packaging is critical for your products. Robopac USA offers top-quality secondary packaging machines. They come equipped with superior technology to make your operation more profitable and less wasteful. Contact us today for more information.