Business owners working in the e-commerce space know they constantly need to discover creative ideas to keep themselves competitive in this demanding environment. Wrap-around case packaging machines can revolutionize a business’s packaging capabilities. Whether it’s speeding up the process, protecting your products, or lowering production costs, there are legitimate benefits to using a wrap-around case packaging machine that a business owner cannot ignore. By reading these advantages of wrap-around case packaging, you will gain a better appreciation for the capabilities of these machines.

Protect the Goods

When using wrap-around case packaging machines, you encase your products in a highly defensive barrier. They receive more protection than what they would get from a hand-wrapped operation. Wrap-around case packers fold and seal the cardboard packaging around your products with consistency and precision. In addition to looking professional and complete, the packaging separates the products from moisture, dust, and other sources of damage. This allows you to deliver goods in pristine condition, increasing end-user satisfaction and preserving your reputation as a quality supplier.

Create a Strong Impression

Especially when your business is just getting started, you need to make a strong impression on your consumers. If your consumers notice your products have damages, they may stop purchasing from your company for good. To avoid leaving the wrong impression, you should invest in a machine that delivers consistently high-quality packaging. Case packers create better protection and integrity for your packaging, which helps your products look good all the way through the supply chain. Plus, you can print logos and other designs on your corrugated cases. The extra branding opportunity acts as a convenient marketing tool for your products.

Faster Packaging Increases Productivity

You will save lots of time by investing in a wrapping machine. Any employee who has dealt with wrapping can tell you that wrapping boxes, pallets, and other packages is a painfully tedious and time-consuming process.

As a business owner, you want to invest in tools and devices that can scale upward with your business. Even if you aren’t currently fulfilling massive bulk orders, you could very well do that in the near future. For that reason, intelligent business owners know they should invest in wrap-around case packer machines that can speed up production times and reduce packaging errors.

Wrap-around case packaging machines can speed up the packaging process so that you can change and grow with the demands of your market. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by the success of your business. When you’re finally seeing the customer engagement you want, the right tools will help you keep up with demands so that you can make the most of your growth.

Make Room for More Value-Added Labor

At any company, the owners should try to maximize the productivity of their workers. Not only is it vital for everyone to put forward their best effort, but you also want to ensure people work where they can have the greatest impact. In addition to helping your productivity, giving employees more enriching tasks creates a better sense of fulfillment and job satisfaction.

One of the advantages of wrap-around case packaging is that it allows company owners to increase their productivity by giving machine work to machines and human tasks to qualified humans. Using a wrap-around case packaging machine lets you sidestep much of the time-consuming work so that your employees can instead focus their energies on jobs that require more skill or brainpower. Wrap-around case packers are particularly useful in this regard, as they feature a higher case blank magazine capacity. Employees operating the case packer don’t need to load a new stack of corrugated cases as often, which means they’re free to focus on other tasks.

Create Consistent Product Packaging

We mentioned above that using a wrap-around case packaging machine is a more consistent packaging method, but what exactly does that mean for your products? A wrap-around case packer works by grouping products together then bundling them in the corrugated case. The cardboard starts as a flat blank, but the machine folds the case around the products and glues the edges for increased security, protection, and stability.

Unlike a Regular Slotted Container (RSC) packaging machine, wrap-around packers form and seal all the folds of the package around the product using automatic equipment. RSC cases often come with pre-glued edges, which makes the packaging less form-fitting and consistent than a wrap-around packer. Furthermore, wrap-around packers can use multiple case formats to create the best packaging for your products. Options like full-size wrap-around cases, trays, or shelf-ready packages make it easy to create secure, consistent, and reliable packaging for all your products.

Save on Material Costs

Automated packaging machines help you and your facility save money. The increased efficiency, productivity, and opportunities for value-added labor are a boon for your profits, but case packers also help you save on material costs. This is because wrap-around case packaging machines use corrugated blanks that fit the unique dimensions of your products. This minimizes waste and helps you make the most of your packaging materials.

A more direct form of cost savings is the actual price of purchasing and shipping corrugated blanks for your wrap-around case packer. Because the blanks are flat and easy to ship, you can transport more of them for less cost. Additionally, the lack of pre-glued edges lowers the cost per blank for wrap-around cases. When you use wrap-around case packaging machines, the amount you save on material costs will help you optimize your production budget and improve your business’s bottom line.

Improve Pallet Stacking

Creating stable, optimized pallets allows you to make the most of your space and streamline the transportation and shipping of goods. Wrap-around case packers help improve palletizing, creating more stable inventory for storage or shipment. For example, wrap-around cases tend to be squarer than RSC cases. As a result, these cases are easier to stack and can create a more consistent and stable pallet.

Furthermore, the improved consistency and integrity of packages made in a wrap-around case packer mean that each package has the strength to hold up in a pallet. Better protection and case strength lead to easier stacking and a more optimized pallet.


Businesses should purchase wrap-around case packaging machines to deal with high product demands or prepare for the future. Warehouses and factories have a great deal to benefit from these tools. As you look for ways to improve your business, don’t forget that the right case packer can transform your shipping operation.

Advantages of Wrap-Around Case Packaging