Efficient and reliable palletizing is a crucial part of keeping your packaging line productive. Companies can use either automatic or manual palletizing methods to sort, transfer, and stack products onto a pallet. With manual palletizing, workers create pallet loads by hand, often with the help of conveyors or powered lift tables. With automatic palletizing, palletizer machines handle the process of creating pallet loads.

Automatic palletizers have many benefits of manual palletizing methods, including speed, consistency, and accuracy. One of the greatest advantages, though, is that automatic palletizers are much safer. Discover why automatic palletizing is safer than palletizing manually by hand with this overview.

Keep Workers Out of the Way

Manual palletizing puts workers right next to all the safety hazards that come with moving products. Dropped cases can lead to broken toes. Clumsy moves can lead to bumps and scrapes. Broken products, sharp corners, or mishandled tools can lead to cuts, puncture wounds, and other injuries. A lot can go wrong when workers handle products closely.

Automatic palletizers keep employees safely out of the way. Features like safety enclosures and controlled entry systems contain gravity and voltage-related hazards, allowing the machinery to do its job without putting workers in harm’s way.

Eliminate Strain From Manual Labor

Heavy lifting and repetitive motions cause back strain and other injuries. Even if workers follow healthy lifting techniques, physical labor takes its toll over time. Constant muscle stress can lead to more expensive insurance premiums, higher turnover rate, and other issues that can cost you a lot of time and productivity down the line.

One main reason why automatic palletizing is safer than palletizing manually by hand is that you can give the heavy lifting to machines that can handle it without the risk of injury. In addition to being faster and stronger, automatic palletizers free your workers to focus on value-added tasks that won’t strain their muscles or cause long-term injuries.

Consistent, Accurate Packing Eliminates Accidents

Employees aren’t always accurate; they can make mistakes. When you’re loading pallets, however, mistakes can lead to falling products and other significant safety hazards. Automatic palletizers guarantee stable and consistent pallets that won’t tip over or fall as they move throughout your facility. TopTier, a Robopac company, has palletizers that use concurrent stretch wrapping to stabilize and wrap the load during the palletizing process, ensuring a secure and safe pallet every time.

Robopac USA’s automatic palletizers improve safety while enhancing your packaging line. If you’re ready to make an efficient and productive investment for your business, contact Robopac USA today. We’ll help you find the right solution to improve your workflow and deliver better results to your facility.