Most manufacturing plants, distribution centers, warehouses, and other facilities have an area dedicated to secondary packaging. Secondary packaging is what keeps your products safe and sound during the shipment process, which is often a bit rough. Facilities are always looking for ways to make their secondary packaging line more efficient. Many times, a lack of productivity or dip in output times can be due to old equipment. Discover when to upgrade your secondary packaging equipment below.

When You Want To Reduce Labor Costs

When you want to reduce the labor costs at your facility, upgrading your secondary packaging equipment may be the answer. Often, when equipment is old or isn’t running the way it’s intended, facilities end up relying on physical labor again or tolerating decreased automation productivity. This greatly increases labor costs and hurts overall productivity.

To cut your labor costs, consider investing in the Technoplat 708 CS or the CW. These machines clamp, cut, and attach the film tail to the load at the end of the wrap cycle for superior load containment. The CS and CW save two minutes of labor per load.

On average, this means saving roughly $29,000 over a five-year period and $60,000 over the entire lifespan of the machine.

When You Want To Reduce Film Costs

The cost of film may seem insignificant, but over time, the overuse and wasting of stretch film can be very costly. When your facility has outdated or underperforming machinery, you may experience high levels of stretch film breakage. When hand wrapping or using inferior stretch wrapping technology, it’s common to experience the overuse of stretch wrap, a main cause of material waste.

By switching to a Robopac USA machine that comes equipped with our exclusive Cube Technology, you’ll enjoy a reduction in labor costs by 40 percent and a reduction in film costs by up to 55 percent.

When You Want To Track Your Machine Performance

Old, outdated equipment is hard to gauge. Even some newer machines aren’t able to provide the kind of in-depth performance tracking that can be extremely beneficial to the overall operation of your facility. With many of Robopac USA’s machines, you’ll get R-connect technology that allows for the remote monitoring of your machine’s performance and a stretch film tracker based on your current supplier’s lead times.

When You Want To Reduce Product Damage

Another reason to upgrade your secondary packaging equipment is if your operation is experiencing product damage due to loads shifting off their pallets during the transportation process. Investing in a machine that offers full web film roping is the best way to lock the load to the pallet and significantly reduce product damage.

Knowing when to upgrade your secondary packaging equipment or invest in new stretch package equipment is as simple as deciding you want to improve your operation overall. Contact Robopac USA for more information on what our machines can do for your facility today.