In every warehouse, distribution center, or any other similar facility, there is a fair amount of pressure to keep up with demands. The popularization of big-box online retailers put pressure on various distribution channels to catch up and output faster, better shipments to keep in business. Increasing profitability is always a central goal for any company, and there are a few different ways to achieve this.

One of the best ways to increase your products’ profitability without raising prices for consumers is by reducing the overall costs of manufacturing, packaging, and distributing the products. Packaging is something many companies often forget to look at as a potential way to increase profitability. These costs are typically thought of as unavoidable and stagnate, but there are always new options with new technologies and innovations in the industry. If a business can lower its product packaging costs, it can significantly improve its overall income. Discover new ways to reduce product packaging costs.

Reduce Labor Costs Where You Can

Reducing labor costs is one of the best ways to get your product packaging costs down. One of the main expenses businesses endure is the labor they hire to wrap and package their products. Labor is costly and comes with restrictions. Workers can only do so much physical labor a day and need breaks and off time. When you invest in an automatic stretch wrapper machine, you solve multiple problems. A stretch wrapper machine means your workers no longer have to wrap pallets by hand.

If a company is wrapping more than ten loads per day, it loses money by avoiding automation. Hand wrapping cannot provide the consistency that a stretch wrapper machine can. When you switch to an automatic stretch wrapping machine, you will no longer need to endure the costs of labor for pallet wrapping. Plus, stretch wrappers can run consistently and even help reduce worker injuries, as there is less physical labor to do for your employees.

Features of a quality stretch wrapper, such as cut and clamp devices, keep the driver on the fork truck safe from injury. The Technoplat 708 CS or CW from Robopac USA cuts and attaches the film tail to the load for superior load containment. The Technoplat 708 saves two minutes of labor per load. For the average facility, this means labor-saving of about $29,000 over five years and $60,000 over the machine’s lifespan.

Minimize and Eliminate Primary Packaging Damage and Product Damage

Primary packaging and product damage are common issues in the product distribution business. During the transportation process, things can get rough. When wrapping pallets with improper containment force, there can be a lot of product damage. Reducing the amount of primary packaging and product damage during the transportation process can significantly reduce the costs of running your business. The best way to fix this is by using the right containment force.

If your pallet’s stretch wrap containment force is too low, you risk your products falling over during transportation. If the containment force is too high, it can crush or damage the items’ primary packaging. Full web film roping is the best way to lock the load to the pallet.

Utilize Top Technologies

Another way to reduce damage and your product packaging costs is by utilizing the industry-leading technology in Robopac USA machines. Cube technology works to ensure your packaging operation runs smoothly, effectively, and keeps costs to a minimum. Cube technology works to ensure every pallet gets wrapped with the exact right amount of containment force. It also provides the right amount of stretch film, and doing so ensures the use of no more and no less than the necessary amount.

Using this technology exclusive to Robopac USA ensures you can reduce your labor costs by 40 percent and your film costs by up to 55 percent. Cut down on your labor and your film expenses with a straightforward addition to your facility: a Robopac USA stretch wrapper machine. Our Cube Technology provides manufacturers with a reliable and secure packaging system, highlighting low-cost and flexible solutions to reduce their bottom lines. Machines delivering the exact right amount of stretch film at the perfect position, with the ideal load containment force every single time, is how bottom-line reduction occurs.

Consolidate Where You Can

Whenever there is an opportunity to have multiple tasks grouped together to save time, it’s a great idea to do so. For example, even when deciding to invest in a stretch wrapper for your operation to lower your product packaging costs, there are certain types of stretch wrappers to consider. Some stretch wrappers come with built-in scales, which can save tons of time. These turntables weigh and wrap simultaneously, eliminating up to a minute and a half of double handling loads from a stretch wrapper to a freestanding platform scale.

This seemingly small time-saver can actually eliminate up to $15,000 in labor costs over five years. Weighing every load lowers the risk of paying for expensive less-than-truck-load (LTL) re-weighing fees. Investing in the right semi-automatic or automatic stretch wrapper machine can end up bringing an outstanding return on investment to your company, as it can save thousands of labor dollars over the lifetime of the machine.

Example: Even if a stretch wrapper machine is only used 20 percent of the time in a 20 load per day application, they still make exceptional economic sense!

Robopac USA makes high-quality machines designed with ways to lower product packaging costs in mind. Our machines come with superior technology and support to ensure your facility runs smoothly and efficiently. Contact us today for more information and to find the right machine for your operation. Get started with the ultimate updates for increased productivity, efficiency, and the drastic reduction of both labor and stretch film costs by investing your business through a Robopac USA automatic or semi-automatic stretch wrapper. Our experts can help you determine which machine is right for your operation. Every operation is unique and offers benefits from various features of our wide range of products.

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