Whether a facility wraps pallets by hand or by machine, if the wrapper isn’t achieving a consistently ideal containment force with the stretch wrap, you may be using more stretch film than you need. On a surface level, the amount of stretch film used and the containment force may seem like two separate things, but they are truly intertwined. Discover how proper load containment reduces stretch film usage.

Less Film Breakage

One of the costliest things that can happen while stretch wrapping is that the film breaks. This causes downtime because when the film breaks, the stretch wrapper stops, causing the operator to reattach the film and restart the machine. This downtime hurts productivity. Using a Robopac USA stretch wrap machine with exclusive Cube Technology eliminates these film break events and inconsistency issues, as our machines wrap pallets with the correct amount of containment force every single time.

No More Waste

Pallets that are hand wrapped or wrapped with inferior or old stretch wrapping technology are often wrapped with much more film than necessary in order to achieve the right amount of containment force. People tend to overwrap “just in case” or use inferior technology that is incapable of providing optimal containment force to ensure no costly primary packaging and product damage.

With a Robopac USA stretch wrap machine, your pallets will be wrapped with only the amount of stretch film necessary to achieve the proper containment force—this means no more costly film waste!

Thanks to Robopac USA’s exclusive Cube Technology, you can reduce film costs by up to 55 percent. These savings can quickly pay for the cost of a new Robopac USA stretch wrapper.

Pre-Stretched Film

Hand wrapping pallets may make sense in the short term, but long-term facilities that hand wrap pallets spend a significantly larger amount on stretch film than facilities that use Robopac USA stretch wrapper machines. Our stretch wrappers, both semi-automatic and automatic, pre-stretch film to ensure you use the least amount necessary and conserve your roll as much as possible.

Pre-stretching film and using the right amount of film are the keys to saving on stretch film. Using Robopac USA’s exclusive Cube Technology is the key to using the right amount of containment force to reduce primary packaging and product damage. Using a Robopac USA small stretch wrap machine provides your facility with major stretch film savings by wrapping your pallets with the correct containment force every single time. Contact us today to learn more about what our machines and superior technology can do for you.