Secondary packaging operations are always looking for new ways to keep up with consumer and industry expectations and demands. While palletizing shipments is standard in most operations, sometimes this can slow down progress. A robotic palletizer can fix this issue and provide several advantages. Discover the benefits of robotic palletizers.

They Are Easy To Use

Robotic palletizing is increasingly accepted as the alternative to traditional layer palletizing. But this solution isn’t without its own challenges. Typical generic robotic palletizers have limits on the products they can handle. They also face performance issues such as product uniformity deviations and large footprints.

A Robotic Pick & Place machine from Robopac USA solves these issues. It can palletize any production line and comes ready to run. It’s also simple to use.

They Add Safety

Workers can suffer injuries when manually palletizing loads. Palletizing by hand is strenuous work that often leads to back problems, cuts, scrapes, and bruises. Injuries in the workplace are easily prevented, and cutting down on the amount of physical activity can help reduce injury numbers. This is one way you can benefit from a robotic palletizer.

Using a Robopac USA palletizer means you’ll enjoy a machine that cuts down on manual labor in your operation. These palletizers also feature the highest available safety ratings.

They Save You Time and Money

Robotic palletizers are designed to save you time and money. They can load pallets correctly every time, regardless of the production line. They also do this quickly, greatly decreasing the output time for your operation.

Robopac USA’s machines come with a modular design, which allows for complete flexibility. From layout to performance, your machine will deliver what your operation needs.

Investing in a robotic automatic palletizer machine is a viable investment for your operation. Contact Robopac USA today for more information about our Robot Pick & Place palletizer and to learn how one of our machines can save you money and time.