Wrapping pallets is an essential part of secondary packaging and safe shipment. Palletizing loads has been a popular method of shipping products safely since the 1970s. Turning a bunch of smaller products into one solid pallet load keeps products safe and saves tons of time and money. Stretch wrapping is a solution to the problems that come with hand-wrapping pallets—and there are a lot of them. Check out this guide to learn the hidden cost of hand-wrapping pallets.

Wasted materials

There are many ways hand-wrapping pallets can waste more materials than necessary. Even the best hand-wrapping workers on your team are still bound to make errors and mistakes. Humans simply don’t have the precision and consistency that machines have. In hand-wrapping pallets, this translates to frequent stretch film breakage and using too much stretch film for a single pallet. When wrapping with an automated pallet wrapper machine, you can rest assured that the machine is applying the exact right amount of stretch film, saving you on material costs.

Worker injuries

Worker injuries are another unfortunate cost of hand-wrapping pallets. When workers hand-wrap pallets, they are more likely to experience back pain, strain, and prolonged injuries. Hand-wrapping pallets is physical and strenuous work that can take a toll on the health and safety of your valued employees. You will have happier, healthier, and more fulfilled employees if you invest in automation to prevent your workers from the injuries that often come with hand-wrapping pallets. Many companies that make the switch to automated pallet wrapping see a drop in worker’s compensation claims within their company.

Damaged products

Damaged products are another way hand-wrapping pallets can cost your business money. The point of palletizing a load is to be more efficient and keep products safe during transport. When a pallet is wrapped with incorrect containment force, it can shift, tip, and even fall over during the shipment process. This can often cause damage to the primary packaging and even the products, making them non-viable to sell. This is a completely avoidable cost by automating your secondary packaging operation. Robopac USA’s machines come equipped with Cube Technology and R-connect to ensure your pallets are wrapped with the perfect amount of containment force every time.

All these issues add up to a larger cost than most companies realize. Avoid these issues with the simple introduction of an automated stretch wrapping machine to your operation. Automating your secondary packaging process is essential to maintaining profitability and efficiency within your facility. Next time you’re searching for a stretch wrapper machine or a palletizer machine for sale, check out our selection of machines at Robopac USA. Our machines are all made with superior technology to save you time, money, and resources.