In any secondary packaging operation, there are certain upgrades that can help with efficiency and profitability. Palletizing is one way that many operations cut down on wasted time and the ever-growing costs of damaged products. Shipping products is no easy feat—but with the help of automatic palletizers, shipments can go quickly and easily without straining workers. Of course, there are a few issues some people run into when using automatic palletizers. Discover how to avoid common issues with automatic palletizers so that your operation can avoid unnecessary downtime and get back to business.

Issue: They Take up Too Much Space

Sometimes, facility owners and operations complain that their automatic palletizers are taking up too much space in their warehouse or distribution center. Lack of space and disorganization is a very common problem in operations like these, and it can create frustration when working.

Solution: Invest in the Right Machine

There is a simple solution to the space issue: Investing in an automatic palletizer machine that is compact or fits your area is the best option. Robopac USA makes our compact Pick N Place Robotic palletizer. It is perfect for limited space areas with its small footprint and modular layout flexibility.

Issue: They Aren’t Producing Stable Loads

Often, loading products on a pallet manually—or even using some automatic palletizer machines—will produce loads that aren’t as stable as they need to be. Unstable loads are more likely to lead to product damage during the shipment process due to shifting. Unstable loads defeat the purpose of investing in an automatic machine, so it is understandably a cumbersome issue.

Solution: Concurrent Stretch Wrapping

Concurrent stretch wrapping wraps each layer individually during the palletizing process. This means the loads have maximum stability and containment during the palletizing process, ensuring a reliably stable load every time. Robopac USA machines provide this option to ease the frustration of unstable loads.

Issue: Your Loads Aren’t as Protected as They Should Be

Even when the palletizer seems to be doing everything correctly, there can still be issues with your load’s safety during shipment. Many times, this leads back to what pallets a facility is using. Poor pallet quality can seriously affect the way a load is packed, even by state-of-the-art machines.

Solution: Invest in Your Pallets

Pallets aren’t a place to cut corners. High-quality pallets are necessary to keep a load stable and protected during loading, unloading, and shipment. Discuss pallet options with your pallet supplier, and find out if you could benefit from a higher-quality type.

There are many things to learn about how to avoid common issues with automatic palletizers. Contact Robopac USA today to discuss your facility’s needs and how a Robopac USA machine can help.