Technology has come a long way in the past century. We’ve gone from doing everything by hand to allowing high-tech machines to handle the most labor-intensive and time-consuming tasks for us.

One endeavor that has gotten simpler in recent years is stretch wrapping. Gone are the days of slowly and painstakingly wrapping pallets, wasting more wrap than necessary. Nowadays, stretch wrapping is a breeze, thanks to innovative technology that effortlessly streamlines the process.

But just because wrapping loads is easier than ever before doesn’t mean that the advent of new technology has come to a standstill. There’s always room for improvement. Even in 2021, new technologies continue to develop, while existing technologies evolve to adapt to changing times and needs.

Let’s look at the best stretch wrapping technologies of 2021 and how they’ve simplified the art of wrapping loads.

CUBE Technology

Tired of wasting an exorbitant amount of money on film? Experienced too many situations where your products got damaged during transit? It can be frustrating to lose money this way.

CUBE Technology is designed to deliver the right amount of film at the right position with the right amount of containment force each and every time. But how does this reduce film cost and product damage? Let’s take a look.

Reduces Film Cost

CUBE Technology includes Multi-Level Variable Pre-Stretch. “Pre-stretch” is a term that describes film that’s been stretched close to its breaking point before being wound onto rolls.

Pre-stretched film comes with a variety of benefits. It’s much easier to apply and harder to damage. Plus, it decreases film cost by reducing the amount of film used per load. Compared to other stretch wrapping systems, Multi-Level Variable Pre-Stretch can save you 30 to 55 percent more on film—which are hefty savings!

Less Damage

Once products leave your warehouse, they’re no longer in your hands. You can’t prevent most extraneous circumstances, but you can take measures to protect your products in case something goes wrong. At the end of the day, you can control the packaging.

CUBE Technology helps reduce product damage in three ways. It uses Multi-Level Variable Containment Force to provide optimal containment force, Strategic Film Placement to apply film where it has the most impact on load stability and containment, and Pro-Active Corner Compensation to wrap loads without corner damage and repetitive film breaks.

Combined, these variables result in an extremely secure load that’s unlikely to fall victim to water damage, improper loading or handling, shifting, and other common causes of freight damage.


Wish you could manage your secondary packaging machines from afar? You’ll be delighted to learn that you can, in fact, do that—that is, as long as you have R-Connect Technology.

R-Connect Technology is the next best stretch wrapping technology of 2021. It allows you to connect to and manage your machines remotely, anywhere and at any time. You can check the location of your machines as well as their conditions. You can also monitor metrics such as performance and film consumption.

R-Connect even won DHL’s prestigious Green & Digital Innovation Award in 2020 for being the most innovative and advanced remote marketing system available.

Portable Stretch Wrappers

What if, instead of going to the stretch wrapper, the stretch wrapper came to you? It might sound like a far-fetched reality, but portable stretch wrapping machines are very real. People have found new and unique ways to improve the convenience and functionality of secondary packaging equipment.

Portable stretch wrappers are sophisticated machines that are self-propelled. Want to learn more about the numerous advantages of these machines? Here’s how portable stretch wrapping machines can benefit your business.

Wrap Where You Want, When You Want

Don’t want to go through the trouble of moving your pallet loads all the way to the stretch wrapper on the other side of the warehouse? No worries. You can bring the stretch wrapper to the pallet loads instead. This reduces the amount of time and labor necessary to wrap loads, improving overall productivity in the process.

Stop Wasting Space

Compared to most non-portable stretch wrappers, portable stretch wrappers are impressively compact. Don’t have a ton of room left in your warehouse? Don’t sweat. Because these stretch wrappers are portable, you can tuck them into a corner when they’re not in use and place them strategically when using them to minimize congestion.

Save Time (And Consequently, Money)

How much time do your employees spend running back and forth between machines? Probably too much time, and we all know that time is money. To maximize profits, you need to make processes as fast and seamless as possible. And there’s no better way to streamline the stretch wrapping process than with portable machines. This way, you can wrap your loads where you palletize them or wherever else is most convenient. This allows you to get more units prepared and loaded in a shorter amount of time.

Minimal Size Restrictions

Worried that a portable stretch wrapper can’t wrap your cache of massive, teeny-tiny, or irregularly shaped loads? Not every portable stretch wrapper can accommodate every load, but machines such as the Robot S7 semi-automatic portable stretch wrapper have been designed to accommodate most lengths, widths, and weights.

Reduce Injuries

Portable stretch wrappers don’t just improve productivity and profit. They also protect the health and safety of your valuable employees. Hauling pallet loads from one end of the warehouse to the other isn’t just a waste of time. It’s also a waste of energy. Moving heavy loads every day puts a massive amount of strain on your workers’ backs, arms, and legs, which can eventually lead to significant health issues.

But if your employees can bring the wrapping machine to the loads instead of bringing the loads to the stretch wrapper, they won’t have to haul as many loads (nor will they have to haul them as often). This can reduce the likelihood of injury.

Looking for industrial wrapping machines equipped with CUBE and R-Connect Technology? Do you want portable stretch wrappers to make stretch wrapping loads a breeze? Come and check out Robopac USA’s full selection of high-tech secondary packaging equipment, including stretch wrapping machines!

The Best Stretch Wrapping Technologies in 2021