Something that many facilities struggle with is space and workflow. In large facilities such as warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing plants, there are often many areas that select pallets to be stretch wrapped prior to shipment. This typically results in lots of time spent running back and forth between different sections of the facility. For this reason, consider the advantages of a portable stretch wrapper for your operation.

Flexibility To Wrap Anywhere, Anytime

The flexibility to wrap pallets anywhere at any time is the most significant benefit a portable stretch wrapper offers a business. You can bring the stretch wrapper to your pallets rather than having to bring your loaded pallets to your stretch wrapper. This distinction results in a 25 percent productivity improvement in warehouse applications. As a bonus, this change has a minimal impact on the current processes in place at most facilities. In other words, it is all benefit, no loss.

Extra Efficiency

A portable stretch wrapper makes a secondary packaging operation much more efficient. Too many operations spend time running between areas to palletize, stretch wrap, and load units. With a portable stretch wrapper, you can wrap right where you palletize your products. This cuts down significantly on wasted downtime and gets units loaded faster. Efficiency is a vital element to increasing profitability in any operation. This investment saves you time and money.

Lack of Compromise

With a Robot S6 semi-automatic portable stretch wrapper from Robopac USA, there is no need to compromise on quality or quantity. Most semi-automatic stretch wrappers come with length or width limitations. Some even have limitations on weight. For high and low-volume producers, this can pose a serious productivity problem. With the superior technology of the Robot S6 stretch wrapper, you can wrap nearly any length, width, and weight pallet load imaginable.

With a Robopac USA Robot S6 stretch wrapping machine, your operation can enjoy a sharp increase in productivity, while saving time and becoming much more efficient. Contact us today for more information, or to learn about what our machines can do for your operation. Start experiencing the advantages of a portable stretch wrapper today.