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Robopac USA’s Robot S6 is the best-selling, most reliable portable stretch wrapper…period. Patented Cube Technology makes it the most technologically advanced machine on the market. It is also the easiest to use, thanks to its intuitive seven (7) inch color touchscreen.
  • 25% productivity improvement in order picked warehouse applications with minimal impact to your current processes
  • Handles most load lengths and widths and any weight
  • Takes up very little floor space and you can move it out of the way when not in use
  • Cube Technology  reduces film usage 30% to 55% and potential product damage up to 40%!
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Robot S6

Our innovative CUBE Technology offered on this machine combines the following four (4) key factors to successfully wrap loads & ensure that they reach your customer in “as-made” condition by maintaining proper wrapping standards.

  1. Reduces film costs 30-55%
  2. Improves load containment
  3. Reduces product damage by 40%


R-Connect, available for this machine is our latest innovation was developed to provide usage and performance data via the cloud, enabling you to meet Industry 4.0 demands by putting performance monitoring & optimization at your fingertips. Utilization drastically reduces downtime by giving you informational transparency, allowing you to connect with your machines remotely to investigate alarms, adjust parameters, & respond promptly. This Industry 4.0 innovation empowers you with actionable insight to continuously improve performance, cost savings, & automation.



The control panel has been newly designed, adopting it to a touch screen. Thanks to the large color screen this new panel allows you to create programs simply and immediately. It is supplied with more memory to record up to twelve different programs.


Powered stretch system controlled by two motors. Stretch ratio adjustable from panel board from 150-400%. Force to the load controlled by patented electronic device and adjustable from panel board.

PVS Carriage
Movement Rudder


With the rudder you can easily carry the robot from one point to another without the use of forklifts. Manual movement controls in ergonomic position for easy use of the robot.


Active brake emergency stop bumper. Thanks to this safety system the robot can work anywhere without the use of barriers or delimitation of working area.

Security Bumper
Production SpeedUp to 30 LPH
Cycle Expectancy150 - 200 loads / battery charge
Maximum Load WeightUnlimited
Maximum Load DimensionsUnlimited Length and Width, and 110” Height
Minimum Load Dimensions24”L x 24”W x 10”H, and 200 lbs
Temperature Operating RangeBetween 41°F and 104°F. Cold Package option available for temperatures as low as 23°F.
Load Capacity
Machine Structure
Frame ConstructionFormed Steel
Film Delivery System
Standard Pre-StretchVariable 100 - 400%
Containment ForceMulti-Level Variable
Standard Film Width20" (30" optional)
Height SensingInfrared Photocell detects dark, clear/shiny products
Film ThreadingPatented S-Pattern
Corner CompensationLoad Cell
Operator Interface
Control Panel7” Touch Screen Control Panel, with CUBE Technology
Wrapping Menus12 Operator Programmable Menus
PowerRed Button Emergency Stop on Control Panel
Film Carriage Speed and PositioningControl on 9 Layers, with Manual Up/Down Jog Capability
Wrap CountersTop and Bottom separately, and Top Sheet Cycle
Robot SpeedVariable from 115 to 260 ft/min
Utility Requirements
Charging SystemOn board, built-in with automatic shut-off
Charging Requirements115V, 1 PH, 20 AMP, 60 Hz
Battery24V Battery System
Warranty1 Year
Safety Features
Pressure Sensitive Bumper w/Auto E StopYes
Anti-Fall Device on CarriageYes
Flashing Light for Machine In OperationYes
Audible Machine In Operation IndicatorYes
CE CompliantYes
Automatic Film Break Alarm
Automatic Film Cut
Icon Driven Touchscreen
Makes setting parameters easy & intuitive with an interface that offers a tablet-like experience that allows you to tap & scroll your way through settings.
Cube® "SMART Stretch Wrapping" Technology
Innovative technology that combines multi-level variable pre-stretch, multi-level variable containment force, pro-active corner compensation, and strategic film placement to successfully wrap loads & ensure that they reach your customer in as-made condition by maintaining proper wrapping standards.
R-Connect® Ready
Able to install R-Connect® remote monitoring software immediately.
Standard 110" Wrap Height
Ensures you can wrap even your tallest loads.
Unit can be relocated manually, without power, using the idlewheel feature.
1 Year
30" Film Carriage
Additional Battery Packs
Auto Film-Cutting Device
Blue LED Safety Light
Cold Package
Extended Warranty
External Battery Charger
Roping Device
Robot S6 Brochure

Robot S6 Spec Sheet