Secondary packaging is an essential part of the distribution and shipment process for all different types of products and industries. There are a few different ways in which most warehouses wrap their pallets to prepare them for shipment. Some smaller manufactures still hand wrap their pallets, which can be costly due to poor containment which typically results in product damage. Others use either semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines or fully automatic stretch wrapping machines. Check out this comparison of semi-automatic vs. fully automatic stretch wrapping machines.

Semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines

Semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines may require some human intervention to attach film to the load. While semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines are nearly fully automated, they may require some human intervention to attach film to the load. An operator would be required to run these types of stretch wrapping machines properly and safely. Semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines need an operator to push a start button on the machine or cut the film at the end of a wrapping cycle. It is an ideal choice for warehouses with a lower output volume. There are many different types of semi-automatic stretch wrappers that adapt to the demands and needs of your packaging operation. An example is using a portable pallet wrapper which is perfect for warehouses, distribution centers, and most operations which want the flexibility of bringing the machine to the load. There are plenty of semi-automatic turntable and rotary arm stretch wrappers that will fit the needs of your operation available at Robopac USA.

Fully automatic stretch wrapping machines

Fully automatic stretch wrapping machines are typically utilized in packaging operations with higher volumes. They are great for warehouses and distribution centers that operate at high speeds and anticipate a high volume of products to come through each day. They require nearly no human intervention to function. Fully automatic stretch wrapping machines can handle the load throughout the entire wrapping cycle. Just as with semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines, there are multiple types of fully automatic stretch wrapping machines to choose from. An example is a turntable stretch wrapper which is your first step in automation. Turntable automatic pallet wrappers offer an affordable, compact, and efficient solution for pallet load stabilization. Whether you need to integrate a stretch wrapper at the end of your production line or create an automatic stretch wrapping island for multiple forklift operators to use, the automatic turntable stretch wrapper may be a perfect solution for your needs.

Another type of automatic stretch wrapper is rotary arm stretch wrappers. Rotary Arm-style automatic stretch wrappers are engineered for demanding applications. The advantages of rotary arm-style machines include higher throughput capacity and secure wrapping of lightweight or irregular loads. Robopac rotary arm machines are built for longevity and offer a 10-year warranty on our heavy-duty ring gear. Robopac offers several models to accommodate your application.

And finally, rotating rings are another category of automatic stretch wrappers. Rotary ring-style automatic stretch wrapper machines have long been regarded as the best solution for high-speed applications. Along with speed, the rotary ring machine also provides a high degree of flexibility to allow for a reduced cycle time. Robopac rotary ring wrappers feature a patented technology that eliminates the use of sliding electrical contacts, which greatly reduces maintenance costs. Robopac offers the widest range of rotary ring automatic pallet wrapper machines, and with over 5000 units sold, Robopac is the clear world leader in rotary ring stretch wrapper technology.

Hopefully, this brief guide on semi-automatic vs. fully automatic stretch wrapping machines has helped you explore your company’s options. Both semi-automatic and fully automatic stretch wrapping machines work to make sure your operation is efficient, productive, and functional. Contact Robopac USA to discuss your warehouse’s needs today.