Selecting a case sealer for your shipping operation is crucial to your warehouse’s efficiency and effectiveness. A case sealer speeds up your operation and ensures your products are correctly sealed for shipment. Case sealers help you to reduce the amount of tape used, cut down on injuries, and increase overall productivity. Check out these tips for selecting a case sealer to get started on choosing the right case sealer for your operation.

Understand your operation’s needs

Surveying your production is a great place to start when purchasing a case sealer for your business. It’s crucial to understand your operation’s needs to understand which case sealer best fits your needs. Every operation is different, so there is no true “one size fits all” for case sealers. You should understand how much inventory you move a day, how many cases you seal on average, and the different sizes of cases you pack. Some operations have one standard size case while others work with a wide range of sizes. Understand what your operation is like on a typical day and look for a case sealer that fits those needs. Semi-automatic case sealers are tape fixed-format cartons which include top and bottom sealing, perfect for most operations.

Consider your space

Different warehouses have different amounts of space available. You may or may not have room for a large automatic case sealer. If space is tight, consider a more compact semi-automatic case sealer. There are case sealers to fit every operation, as long as you’re realistic about the space you can dedicate to case sealing. Picking a spot in your warehouse to put your case sealer before starting the search can be extremely beneficial in guiding you to pick the correct size case sealer. Case taper machines are able to handle all different types of flutes, including double wall and single wall, which are the most common types. Knowing your space is all about knowing where you plan to house your case sealer machine.

Decide what type of manpower you want

As mentioned above, there are semi-automatic and fully automatic case sealers to choose from. It’s important to set your desires and expectations for your case sealer before investing in one. If you want an operator involved in the process, then a semi-automatic case sealer might be the right fit for you. If you’d prefer to cut out your labor costs with the machine, then consider a fully automatic case sealer. Get to know the differences and advantages of each.