Robopac offers a wide range of “Retrofit Kits” to allow you to upgrade your end of line packaging equipment technology. Contact our spare parts team at

Semi-automatic Stretch Wrappers

  • Coming soon

Automatic Stretch Wrappers

  • Add R-Connect
  • Add “VCA” automatic corner board applicator (for rings and arms only)
  • Add Top Sheet Dispenser
  • Add Pallet lifter in wrap zone
  • Add roping device  ( top down, bottom up or top and bottom)
  • Add “ARC” automatic roll changer (only on ring machines)
  • Change roll carriage form 20” to 30”
  • Add conveyors upstream or down stream
  • Change pre-stretch gears on standard carriages

Case Packers (Dimac & Prasmatic)

  • Add print registration device ( to run printed film)
  • Add Anti Static Bar
  • Add Auto Film Splicing device
  • Add Easy Film ( external film roll holder)
  • Add additional product lanes
  • Add Nested pack kit
  • Add / Upgrade Glue system to Pro Blue Fulfill system
  • Add Servo Lane Divider (for non-round products)


  • Coming soon