Stretch Wrapper Roll Carriage

Robopac USA uses advanced features and technology to create secondary packaging solutions you can rely on. That’s why our stretch wrapping machines use durable roll carriages to create powerful pre-stretch and Cube Technology for multi-level variable containment force.

When searching for a powerful stretch wrapping machine to enhance your packaging workflow, it’s important to understand how each part works together to create every product load. The stretch film carriage system plays a huge role in the overall consistency and stability of your pallet loads. Read on to learn more about how Robopac USA’s stretch film carriages power our secondary packaging equipment and deliver high-quality results for your customers.

Powerful Pre-Stretch

One of the greatest advantages of automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrappers is the ability pre-stretch the machine film 100-400 percent through the pre-stretch process compared to employees who manually stretch the film only 1-20 percent on average. Greater pre-stretch means more efficient use of packaging stretch film. This allows businesses to save money and reduce material waste while creating a stronger wrap for a more secure product load.

The right pre-stretch film carriage further enhances stretch film to create a more powerful wrapping process. Greater pre-stretch capabilities also allow for a stronger, more consistent containment force to better protect your products throughout the supply chain.

Variable Up-and-Down Wrapping

Roll carriages work by moving around the product load while applying stretch film. With rotary arm and rotary ring wrappers, the roll carriage circles around the load while moving vertically to provide a comprehensive wrapping solution. With turntable stretch wrappers, the turntable rotates the product load while the film carriage moves up and down to wrap the load from top to bottom.

Variable wrapping movement—especially variable up-and-down wrapping—gives businesses greater control over their wrap settings. By adjusting the wrapping speed, film pre-stretch, and other factors, operators can fine-tune their containment force for each layer of the product load. This creates greater stability and product protection for every load that moves through your packaging line.

Advanced Equipment for Advanced Workflows

Robopac USA helps companies find cutting-edge secondary packaging solutions to improve their workflows and enhance their supply chains. Contact us today to learn more about our stretch wrapping equipment and find the right solution for your business.