Successful shipping and packaging operations require companies to understand their supply chains inside and out. Supply chains fluctuate based on global supply and demand, consumer preferences, and countless other factors. The more you know about current packaging trends, the easier it is to adapt your processes and create a flexible, productive workflow in your facility. Stay informed with these top trends in case packing to know in 2022.

Lightweight, Degradable Packaging Dominates the Field

There are many reasons why lightweight materials have been a priority for the packaging industry over the last several years. Thinner, lighter materials are easy to handle and transport, and lightweight materials promote greater cost savings throughout your packaging line. Furthermore, thinner packaging materials help to minimize waste and promote sustainability, which has become a crucial value for businesses and customers alike.

Carton-board packaging has become a popular option for light, sustainable packaging. Cardboard trays, wraparound cases, and similar packing options offer a lightweight, space-saving, and biodegradable case packing solution without sacrificing stability or durability in your product loads.

Flexible and Scalable Machinery Is a Necessity

Flexible solutions allow your facility to meet the ever-changing demands of your supply chain. From meeting fluctuating production needs to accommodating different packing formats, automatic combination case packer machines provide versatile solutions for your secondary packaging line. Ease of changeover when switching formats allows your facility to adapt to different product needs with minimal hassle and downtime.

Food and Beverage Products Drive Demand

While case packers are an effective solution for a wide range of products, they thrive under the demands of the food and beverage industry. The different case packing formats—including wraparound cartons, tray and film, film only, and high tray only—are ideal for bottles, bags, cartons, and other food or beverage packaging.

Because these types of products experience consistent demand around the world, there is a strong need for case packers that can work with a versatile range of food and beverage packaging.

Is your secondary packaging workflow up to par with the top trends in the case packing industry? Work with Robopac USA today to implement optimized case packing solutions and empower a more productive workflow in your facility.