Every secondary packaging operation is unique, and every business manages operations in its own manner and prioritizes different parts of the process. In secondary packaging, many facilities choose to palletize and stretch wrap their products for optimal protection during the shipment process. Stretch wrapping provides extra safety to products by reducing the chances of the products shifting or tipping over during transportation. Many operations have already made the switch to automation by automating their stretch wrapping processes. Even in automation, however, there can be flaws if employees don’t properly manage the machines. Discover how to use a stretch wrap machine more effectively here.

Invest in Quality Pallets

Investing in quality pallets is essential to ensuring a safe and solidified shipment. The goal of palletizing shipments is to take many products and make them into one solidified unit. This keeps your products evenly packed and ready to be effectively stretch wrapped. Stretch wrapping is the part of the process that keeps the products safely nestled together when the correct containment force is applied.

The load is truly only as secure as the pallet. Should the pallet give out, bend, break, or have other issues, the entire load would be compromised. Examine your current pallets and consider if they may be the source of the problem in your loads. A solid and quality pallet allows your stretch wrap machine to work as intended without the hitches of a damaged or old pallet.

Discuss your pallet options with your supplier and try out a higher-quality pallet with your stretch wrap machine to see the difference it makes.

Bonus Tip: Many companies find issues when they reuse pallets too many times. Although quality pallets are built to last, they do weaken and endure damage over time. Replace your pallets regularly for more stable loads and more effective stretch wrapping.

Properly Palletize Your Products

Another common issue when stretch wrapping doesn’t seem to work properly is that the loads are not being properly palletized. Many facilities already see the immense benefits of an automated stretch wrapper but haven’t invested in an automatic palletizer yet. Automatic palletizers pack your pallets, so you and your employees don’t have to. The key to a stable load that you can effectively stretch wrap is even weight distribution and unitization. Robopac USA offers top of the line automatic palletizers that properly palletize your load every time.

In facilities that use stretch wrap machines, there is always a way to make things more effective. Most of the time, this involves improving and automating different steps in the secondary packaging process. If your facility isn’t reaping the countless benefits of an automatic palletizer machine, and you are looking for ways to use your stretch wrap machine more efficiently, explore the advantages of investing in automation.

Bonus Tip: Robopac USA offers palletizers with advanced technology, so your machine can work seamlessly with your operation. No two facilities have the same needs, so we built machines that are versatile and work with any space, operation, and load volume.

Keep Up With Regular Maintenance

Stretch wrapper machines are still machines, and all machines require some sort of regular maintenance for proper upkeep, ease of operation, and longevity. Think of this machine as you would a car. Cars need oil changes, fluid replenishes, check-ups, and tire rotations. While a stretch wrap machine certainly doesn’t need a wheel rotation, it does need other important forms of upkeep.

Scheduling regular safety and preventative maintenance inspections, and putting some of your workers through maintenance training, are all steps you can take to ensure your equipment always runs smoothly and your facility is equipped to handle any issues that may arise with the equipment.

Robopac USA offers all the above, from inspections to maintenance training that’s specific to our machines. Our goal is to always offer the best and most advanced upgrade options for all our equipment. Our experts curate custom recommendations to help your operation reach your goals and tackle new production challenges.

Bonus Tip: If you’re not sure what machine to invest in or what maintenance your machine needs, contact our professionals for recommendations and more information.

Ensure the Stretch Film Is Loaded Properly

A common issue some facilities run into is their stretch wrap machines not working as intended due to poorly loaded stretch film. Workers must install the stretch film properly so the machine can complete its task correctly. If they load the stretch film improperly or feed it through the machine wrong, it can have adverse effects on your product’s safety during shipment.

To properly load your stretch film into your machine, the most effective option is to consult your owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer for further instructions.

Unlike with some other machines, you don’t need to worry about what kind of stretch film you load a Robopac USA stretch wrap machine with because our stretch wrappers are designed to work with almost any stretch film. Simply ensure those working on the machines at your facility are properly trained to load the stretch film correctly.

Bonus Tip: If stretch film often breaks or gets stuck in your machine, there may be a bigger issue looming. Contact your stretch wrap machine manufacturer for a preventative maintenance inspection to ensure nothing is wrong with the machine.

Invest in the Right Machine for Your Operation

The best way to ensure you’re using your stretch wrap machine as effectively as possible is to invest in the right machine for your specific operation. The demands of your facility are not identical to the demands of any other facility, so you need a machine that’s built for your level of volume and preferred functioning method. The machine should adapt to your operation, rather than requiring you to adapt your operations to the machine. Explore the vast options of high-quality stretch wrap machines available. There are options for every space, output level, and preference imaginable.

If your current machine isn’t meeting your needs, it’s time to see what a Robopac USA stretch wrapper can do for your facility.

All these factors are crucial ways to use a stretch wrap machine more efficiently. There are even more ways to ensure you’re getting the most out of your stretch wrap machine. Discover all the effective and efficient stretch package equipment at Robopac USA. We pride ourselves on our innovative technology that allows for remote monitoring and more conservative packaging. Saving you time and money is our goal. Explore our machines and contact us today to find the right stretch wrap machine for your operation.

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