One of the pressing questions on the mind of nearly every product-based business owner is, “How can I save money in my operation?” Product damage during shipment is one of the leading causes of unnecessary costs in product-based businesses. Products that sustain damage during the shipment process are often not viable for sale and must count as a loss. Finding methods to reduce product damage can save companies substantial money in avoidable losses. Consider correctly unitizing your loads to reduce product damage and increase efficiency, thus saving your company money every day.

Preparing product loads for shipments is an essential part of any product-based business. There are many moving parts in a large-scale shipping operation, and it’s best to streamline any area possible through new processes or automation. There are many ways to achieve a more efficient and cost-effective process. One of the main methods product-based businesses use is unitizing loads. Discover what it can do for your operation by exploring methods of unitizing your loads for shipment.

Automating With Case Erectors and Case Sealers

One of the ways to unitize your loads for shipment in a more efficient and effective manner is by investing in an automated case erector and case sealer for your operation. Case erectors and case sealers will erect and seal boxes properly for your products. The best option for this is a case erector that makes square cases so that they are all uniform. These machines add speed and efficiency for any operation’s packaging phase.

Keeping cases straight so they are erected and sealed properly is critical to ensuring there are no jams. Jams lead to avoidable, unscheduled downtime—one of the biggest time wasters in most secondary packaging operations. Avoid this with the right machine. The right case erectors and case sealers will make your operation run quickly and smoothly without cumbersome downtime, which leads to profit losses.

Robopac USA offers case equipment that will pack cases efficiently and effectively. This method of unitizing your loads for shipment is perfect for a wide range of operation types. To choose the right case packing equipment for your operation, be sure to gain a solid understanding of your volume of distribution and needs. Talking with a case packing automation expert can help you to identify which machine will best suit your facility.

Automating With a Palletizer Machine

Automation is an essential part of increasing the efficiency and consistency of any packaging operation. Packaging must keep products safe during the shipment process. Proper packaging helps to cut down on product damage during transport. Aside from case erectors and case sealers, another way to introduce automation as a method of unitizing your loads for shipment is by investing in an automatic palletizer.

Palletizing shipments is one way to increase efficiency, cut down on labor costs, and make loads safe and secure for transportation. Palletized loads are easier to load onto and unload from trucks or shipping containers. They also allow you to join together a balanced stack of evenly distributed boxes into one unit. Palletizing is one of the most prominent forms of unitizing shipment loads.

There are many options for an effective automatic or robotic palletizer machine. These machines benefit a wide range of product-based businesses, from food and beverage products to manufacturing and even pharmaceutical industries. They ensure proper load construction, placing boxes onto pallets in a way that allows for easy and effective stretch wrapping to unitize the load properly every time.

Palletizer machines automatically place boxes on the pallet to ensure optimal unitization. Optimal unitization means the boxes square up with no gaps. This method of packing reduces the amount and likelihood of shifting during the shipment process, which dramatically reduces the likelihood of product damage.

Automating With Stretch Wrappers

Stretch wrapping machines are an integral part of the unitization process in a packaging operation. Stretch wrapping is the final step in making a bunch of boxes into a singular unit. These machines are commonly referred to as semi-automatic or automatic pallet wrapper machines. Semi-automatic and automatic pallet wrapper machines from Robopac USA use our exclusive Cube Technology to allow variable containment on the pallet load. The most effective way to wrap a pallet is with more containment at the bottom of the pallet load than the top. It’s critical to wrap pallets with that method because it allows energy to release through the top during transport of the load.

Transportation of products are often on a bumpy road. Rough rides come from many different sources, whether from road construction or rough seas, depending on your method of shipping. Regardless of how your operation handles shipments, you want to rest assured that the loads are secure. Optimal unitization gives a business this peace of mind if they can execute it properly. Cube Technology, offered exclusively by Robopac USA, ensures that the load stays on the pallet, reducing the risks of product damage by 40%. Less product damage and more efficient stretch wrapping mean that your company saves a great deal of money.

Stretch wrap machines work by applying the perfect amount of containment force every time they wrap a pallet. Containment force is the key to an effective and safe load that is ready for shipping. Wrapping pallet with too much or too little containment force can often result in the loads becoming unstable during the transport. This instability can lead to loads tipping over, primary packaging damage, and product damage.

There are many different methods of unitizing your loads for shipment. Exploring all of your options and considering which would offer the best results for your operation is crucial. Automation helps to increase efficiency and ensure that loads are all packed properly and with consistently high quality. Explore the different machines that Robopac USA offers. We pride ourselves on the inclusion of our exclusive technologies that will keep your operation running smoothly. Contact us today to discuss which automation options are the best fit for your business. Our exclusive technologies, including Cube Technology, will help your operation reduce product damage by 40%, increase efficiency, and streamline your entire packaging operation with ease. Automation is an investment in your business that will quickly pay for itself.

Methods of Unitizing Your Loads for Shipment