One of the most important ways to ensure your business remains profitable is by making sure your products arrive at their destination safely. Products will get damaged over the course of shipment, but if your company is experiencing a larger quantity of damaged products than normal or than you feel should be happening, then you may be looking for a solution. Less damage leads to more profitability and less waste. Learn more in this guide on how to reduce product damage during transportation. This guide can help you protect your products without changing your entire distribution process.

Palletize your shipments

A great way to add protection to your products during the transportation process is by palletizing your company’s shipments. Palletizing helps to keep the boxes of products packed tightly together, which can reduce the amount boxes shift during the course of shipment. Another benefit you’ll experience by holding boxes close together is how much faster you can load and unload trucks. This not only saves time but also helps to fit the right number of products in a truck instead of over or under-loading it, which can quickly lead to excessive product damage.

Use the right containment force

Using the right containment force when you wrap your pallets is perhaps the most effective method for reducing product damage consistently during transportation. One of the leading causes of product damage during transportation is the pallets of products being wrapped with too little or too much containment force. Using too much containment force can squeeze the products too tightly. This can lead to accidental damage to the primary packing or even the products from being smooshed too much. Using too little containment force can allow the products to shift and even collapse during the shipment process, which can lead to an entire shipment becoming damaged and therefore no longer viable for sale or use. This kind of damage can become costly for your company to withstand. One way to fix this is by ensuring the exact right amount of containment force is used each time you wrap a pallet for shipment. This can be accomplished by using a Robopac USA pallet wrapping machine. Our machines utilize superior technology that ensures your products are wrapped perfectly each time.

Use the Robopac method

At Robopac USA, we believe we have the best process for reducing product damage during shipments. We have a line of products designed to keep your products as safe as possible even during rough shipment routes. Robopac USA has Cube Technology which provides superior functionality of our machines. Starting off the process with one of our superior case packers, which makes square cases so they are all uniform and perfectly palletizable, your products will be safely placed into cases. After this, the perfectly square cases will be packed into boxes, which are made using a case erector. Our case erectors are designed to minimize damage and increase the productivity of your secondary packaging operation. Once they are packed into the perfectly square boxes, palletization becomes easier and more secure when the boxes are sealed by a Robopac USA case sealer. The boxes that have been securely sealed will then be loaded onto a pallet by one of our state-of-the-art palletizer machines. These work to place the square, sealed boxes onto the pallet in a safe manner. Pallets that are loading in irregularly shaped boxes can be more difficult to wrap with the right containment force, making them less stable. Our palletizers will load the boxes in a safe and secure manner. Once the boxes are palletized, the pallet should be wrapped by a stretch wrapper. Our stretch wrappers are designed to work with minimal intervention by reducing the amount of film breakage, increasing efficiency, and wrapping your pallets with the perfect containment force consistently for every pallet. This process leads to the safest shipment possible for your valuable products.

The best way to ensure your products are safe and secure during the shipment process is by investing in technology that works to protect your products. Without your products arriving safely at their destination, it will be difficult for your business to remain profitable. Damaged products or products deemed non-viable due to cosmetic or more serious damage caused by shipment failures are an expense your business doesn’t need to absorb. Investing in machines that will pack your products perfectly will save your company money and even increase profitability and in the long term. For all of your product packing needs and to further evaluate which machines and technologies your company could benefit from, contact us at Robopac USA today. We strive to provide the best machines and the best service in our industry.

How to Reduce Product Damage During Transportation