There are many reasons why a stretch wrap machine can be beneficial to a business. While investing in a business is necessary for its continued growth, it can be a difficult decision when and how to invest. Sometimes, an investment in automation is the next logical step for a company, but it’s often delayed because of costs. When looking at automation, it can be a large initial investment, but the money it saves in the long-term is enough to save your business a good amount of money over many years. When your business is thriving, it is a great time to make smart investments for its future. In the packaging, shipping, and manufacturing industries, one of the best investments to make when business is picking up is in automation. Automation can make your business more efficient and, in turn, more profitable. One of the best ways to introduce automation into your business is by investing in a stretch wrap machine. Stretch wrapper machines allow you to wrap your pallets with ease and allow your workers to focus on other areas that need the additional manpower. Check out this guide to learn the top signs you should invest in a stretch wrap machine for your business.

You’re wrapping a lot of pallets

When your volume of products requires the wrapping of many pallets a day, think more than 10, then your business could benefit from the investment into a stretch wrapping machine. A stretch wrapping machine can increase the volume of pallets you put out each day. Hand wrapping pallets can take much more time and effort on the part of your workers than an automated system, which would help to speed this up and take the strain off of your employees. Typically, a hand wrapped pallet can take an average of 4 to 5 minutes to complete. With an automated stretch wrap machine, you can cut this time in half and it won’t require physical strain on your workers. When you notice you are increasing the number of pallets you need wrapped on a daily basis or that your workers are no longer able to comfortably wrap the number of pallets required a day, you may be seeing a sure sign that it’s time to invest in a stretch wrapping machine which would allow your workers to simply push a button and watch as the pallet is properly and completely wrapped in a fraction of the time it would take them to hand wrap it.

Your products get damaged during shipment

If your business is struggling with damage to your primary packaging and products during the shipment process, you may greatly benefit from investing in a stretch wrap machine. One of the leading causes of damage to products during the shipment process is improperly wrapped pallets. Pallets need to be wrapped with the right amount of containment force to avoid shifting which could lead to product damage during shipment. Freight shipping and overseas shipping can be especially rough rides. There’s no telling how bumpy a road may be or how the seas will behave during the time of shipping. Getting your products to their destination safely is the top priority when shipping. When products get damaged on the route to their destination, your company becomes less profitable. By protecting your products so they all arrive at their destination safely, you’re ensuring your company’s profitability. One of the best ways to ensure your products arrive safely is by properly wrapping the pallets. Achieving the proper containment force is extremely difficult when wrapping by hand because of human error and variability. Using a stretch wrapping machine can ensure your pallets are wrapped with the right amount of containment force every single time. This added consistency and safety will protect your products.

You have a high employee turnover rate

Many industries have high employee turnover rates, especially businesses that rely on a lot of manual labor. Many workers leave their jobs because they are becoming too strenuous on their bodies or they feel overworked and underappreciated. If your company seems to have trouble holding on to good employees, you may benefit from a stretch wrapping machine. Automation makes workers’ jobs easier and less stressful on both their bodies and their minds. Workers will no longer risk throwing their backs out while trying to wrap pallets perfectly by hand while working quickly enough to keep up with a growing pace demand. Instead, a worker can be responsible for starting the stretch wrapper and then handling other tasks while the load is wrapping, thus improving productivity. By making your workers’ loads less strenuous and stressful, you can greatly increase your employee retention rates.

You spend a ton on stretch wrap film

If your company is spending more than you think is necessary on stretch wrap film, you may need to invest in a stretch wrapping machine. Hand wrapping pallets can result in adding too much film to try to make sure the load is properly contained for shipment. With a stretch wrapping machine, your pallets will be wrapped with the exact amount of stretch film required every time, so you waste less and use less film. This significantly reduces the amount of film you must buy over time. Automated stretch wrapping machines are also designed so you can experience less film breakage, thus increasing the speed of wrapping pallets and lowering the need for additional stretch wrap.

You want to decrease work-related injuries

If your company wants to reduce worker injury or worker time off due to back pain, muscle strain, and other similar symptoms, you may benefit from investing in more automation. Hand wrapping pallets can lead to back injuries and long-term back problems over time. Your workers will be healthier and get injured less often if they no longer need to wrap pallets on their own.

If your company is experiencing any of these telltale signs you should invest in a stretch wrap machine, check out the selection at Robopac USA. We have a vast variety of semi-automatic and automatic stretch wrapping machines that are designed to benefit your business through the utility of their superior technology and automation. These machines are designed to be exactly what your packaging operation needs. Even smaller spaces can use a small stretch wrap machine for their packaging needs.

Signs You Should Invest in a Stretch Wrap Machine