Have you been considering investing in new secondary packaging equipment for your warehouse, but are worried about it taking up too much valuable space? It’s only natural to assume that machinery is big, bulky, and will take up room; however, in actuality, investing in multi-functional equipment is one of the best ways to save on space, money, time, and more. Let’s take a look at how the semi-automatic stretch wrapper saves space in your warehouse, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the most out of every square inch.


You should always remember to weigh your loads before you send them out for shipment. Weighing your pallet loads improperly or not at all can lead to serious problems during the shipping process, such as overweight trucks and freight damage. Most warehouses transport their loads to a separate scale after wrapping and weigh them when they arrive. Unfortunately, this method of weighing tends to be extremely and unnecessarily time-consuming. Moving to a separate scale takes an additional 30 to 90 seconds of double handling per load. This equals $7,000 to $15,000 in wasted labor over five years. It also takes up more space in your warehouse than it needs to.

If you currently have individual areas for wrapping and weighing, you’re taking up twice the amount of space you need to. Instead of taking up two separate parts of your warehouse for wrapping and weighing, you can condense it down to one by investing in a semi-automatic turntable stretch wrapper with a scale package.

Effective Use of Square Footage

Using the square footage of your warehouse effectively is another way the semi-automatic stretch wrapper saves space. There’s a difference between taking up space ineffectively and taking up space effectively. Secondary packaging machines, such as semi-automatic stretch wrappers, do the latter. A semi-automatic stretch wrap machine will dramatically improve the speed and accuracy of your packaging line. This translates into more work done in less time and fewer mistakes made. Try framing it this way: Would you rather use a small amount of space in your warehouse for something that’s ineffectual and wastes resources instead of conserving them? Or use a marginally larger amount of space for something that will significantly improve your business’s performance and bottom line? For most business owners, the answer is obvious.

More Than Just a Space-Saver

There are numerous advantages to semi-automatic stretch wrap machines that make them a worthwhile addition to your warehouse. A semi-automatic stretch wrapper won’t just save you space—it will also save time, improve worker safety, reduce the amount of film used per load, and decrease the likelihood of mistakes that can compromise product integrity during shipment.

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