Before a pallet can be wrapped and shipped, it needs to be loaded. Pallets can be loaded manually by workers or automatically by specialized machines such as palletizers. There are many benefits to loading pallets automatically instead of manually. In this palletizer functionality and safety guide, we’ll explain the functional and safety advantages of palletizing equipment.

Manual vs. Automatic Palletizing

Manual palletization, as the name suggests, refers to sorting, transferring, and stacking products by hand. Although no equipment is required for manual palletizing, most packaging facilities will employ the use of assistive devices, such as backboards, assembly line conveyors, powered lift tables, and work positioners, to make the loading process faster and easier.

Automatic palletization, on the other hand, makes use of palletizers to perform the same process. A palletizer is a machine that sorts, transfers, and stacks products onto a pallet automatically. It has numerous benefits, including faster loading and unloading speeds, more efficient handling and storage of material, and improved safety. Palletizers that are fully automatic can sort, transfer, and stack pallets with minimal human intervention, while semi-automatic machines require an operator to stand by and operate the machine.

The Downsides of Manual Palletizing (and the Upsides of Automatic)

It wouldn’t be a complete palletizer functionality and safety guide without mentioning the advantages of palletizers over other methods of palletizing. There are two major downsides to manual palletizing: it isn’t particularly efficient, and it definitely isn’t safe. Manual palletizing is a much slower process than automatic palletizing. It’s also a much less reliable process, as people don’t always work consistently and can make mistakes. Worse, it’s an injury risk for employees, especially in modern warehouse environments with heavy traffic.

The biggest risk associated with manual palletizing is that of injury. Repeatedly lifting heavy boxes day in and day out can put a massive amount of strain on your workers, leading to physical and ergonomic problems, such as back pain, puncture wounds, sprained ankles, and broken toes. These injuries can become costly for your business and even increase your insurance premiums. Automatic palletizing solves both of these problems by relying on consistent, high-speed technology and reducing the amount of human labor necessary to stack pallets.

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